Waxing V/S Shaving - Which Is The Better Method For Hair Removal?

Waxing V/S Shaving - Which Is The Better Method For Hair Removal?

The eternal ‘waxing versus shaving’ debate has been around long enough, each having supporters and critiques. Ultimately, which one wins?

Waxing V/S Shaving – Which Is The Better Method For Hair Removal?

When it comes to body hair removal, the ultimate question often boils down to – should you wax or should you shave. The eternal ‘waxing versus shaving’ debate has been around long enough, with proponents and opponents of each technique giving their opinion on why they feel their technique is the best. Is waxing the best because it pulls the hair out from the root or is shaving much better because it serves the purpose with no pain and discomfort?

While there has been enough back and forth on this issue, there’s never been a definite answer. Here’s pitting the two against one another and seeing which one comes out on top!




Ease Of Use

Waxing usually requires you to either a) go to a parlour or b) call a professional to your house. Either way, waxing isn’t exactly the most convenient method, what with all the hot wax, waxing strips, powders, and lotions.

All you need for a smooth shave is a good, sharp razor and some shaving gel/cream. Shaving isn’t a cumbersome procedure and can be easily done at home.

Hair Regrowth Turnaround

Waxing pulls the hair out from the root, so the hair regrowth turnaround is a good 3 to 4 weeks.

Shaving snips the hair from the surface of the skin, so the regrowth turnaround is about 1 week to 10 days. However, many are under the illusion that shaving causes hair to grow back faster – this, however, is because the hair isn’t been pulled from the root. Hence, the time for regrowth is considerably shorter.

Hair Regrowth Type

Waxing regularly over an extended period of time causes the hair to grow back thinner and finer because the hair is pulled from the root.

With shaving, many assume that hair grows back thicker, but the reason for this is that since the hair isn’t pulled from the root, the basic nature of the hair remains the same. Hence, it may seem that the hair has grown back thicker, but it is actually not the case.

Degree Of Pain

No surprises here – waxing is painful and agonising, especially when you’re new to it. Because the strip is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth, the pain is amplified and waxing can often leave you with red spots on your skin once the session is over.

Shaving is painless. If you exercise precaution and use a moisturising agent like a shaving gel/cream before you begin the shave, you can be rest assured that shaving will be a breeze.

Lasting Effects

With waxing, hair growth over time tends to reduce and the density of the hair also reduces, so you can expect your hair to get a lot finer the more you wax.

As mentioned earlier, since shaving removes hair from the surface of the skin and leaves the root unaltered, hair growth over time pretty much remains the same.


Waxing is not only tedious, but it is also time consuming because you will have to wait for the wax to get reasonably hot, pay attention to certain patches of fuzz, and then repeat the process if one tug doesn’t take out all the hair. So, if you’re in a hurry or need a last-minute solution, well, waxing doesn’t really come in handy. 

Shaving is great for those days when an event or occasion has suddenly sprung up. With shaving, you can use long strokes, therefore eliminating more hair in one go. Since all it takes is a razor and some shaving gel and since there’s no real preparation as such, shaving is an efficient way to get rid of hair on a more daily/weekly basis.


As mentioned above, waxing necessitates one of the two – a) going to a parlour or b) calling a waxing professional home. Either way, waxing is a pretty costly affair over a period of time. Today’s parlour rates are pretty steep and depend on the body parts you want waxed. And if you think parlours are expensive, calling a lady home to do the job for you is no cheaper. Because they’re coming to your house, they often command higher rates than parlours. On average, if you wax every three weeks, over a period of a year, waxing can set you back a good bit, monetarily.

Shaving requires a razor and a shaving gel/cream. A razor is more of a one-time investment. While general thumb rule states that a razor blade needs to be changed after every 3 (maximum 4) uses, over time, investing in a razor is a lot more feasible. Further, shaving at home yourself cuts down on a lot of fringe costs. In the long run, shaving undoubtedly works out to a very reasonable sum of money and serves the purpose well.

Suitability To Sensitive Skin

Waxing can tend to cause a lot of irritation for those with sensitive skin. If the wax is too hot, it could cause burn marks on the skin and might also leave red bumps post-wax. Moreover, if the paper/cloth strip is ripped off incorrectly, you can be certain to see redness on the patch of skin. Waxing over time could also result in your skin becoming looser.

With shaving (unless it is done improperly, using horizontal strokes instead of vertical strokes), once you’ve picked up the technique and done it a few times, you can be rest assured that you’re not going to fall prey to skin irritation. Since shaving doesn’t pull the hair out from the root, it does not penetrate the skin, thereby limiting the chances of skin irritation for those with sensitive skin. Since there are no hot elements involved in shaving, this is the preferred method of shaving for those with delicate skin.


Waxing can be pretty unhygienic if you go to a shady parlour to cut costs. Further, many parlours or waxing ladies that come home could use poor quality paper strips that will not rip off the hair easily, thus having to go over the patch of fuzz more than once or twice, resulting in more redness and irritation. Hygiene then becomes a major factor when you’re getting waxed and you need to make sure you do it at a parlour where experienced professionals use quality wax and products. Often, it is even advisable that the waxing ladies wear gloves, particularly when waxing private parts.

There is no such hygiene factor that comes into play with shaving. So long as you use a sharp razor that is your own, shaving is hygienic. Dull, rusty blades could pose an issue as could using another person’s razor. For the most part, though, since shaving doesn’t come with too much baggage, the hygiene is pretty much in your hands. Warm water, shaving gel, and a new razor, and you’re good to go, without worry of infections.

While both waxing and shaving give you smooth, soft skin, shaving has the edge over waxing, as you can clearly see from the table. While waxing may be an old, tested formula, shaving ticks most of the positive boxes for unwanted hair removal, thus making shaving our preferred choice for getting rid of the fuzz.

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