Vitamin E for Skin

Vitamin E for Skin


Skin is one of the most important and critical organs of our body. Taking care of it should be at the top of your list. Keeping your skin healthy, smooth, and glowing is not only about caring for it but also about your appearance. The cleaner, smoother, or healthier your skin looks, the more confident you feel.

Skin problems or issues can be much more damaging than you think. Skin goes through so many things on a daily basis, everything from pollutants, stress, smoke, and sometimes not-so-healthy foods. If you could hire a battalion to fight such problems, you would right now, wouldn’t you? If yes, then consider Vitamin E on your side. It is an anti-oxidant and does everything you need to protect your skin from external and internal factors.

If you use some skincare products, be it natural or on-the-shelf solutions, you will find one of the major elements in all those products would be Vitamin E. Not only that, you can also invest in a Vitamin E supplement like tablets or oil for making the most out of it. Let us tell you the benefits of using Vitamin E for face & skin.

Vitamin e benefits for skin

There are several benefits of using a Vitamin E for skin that will help you keep your skin smooth and glowing all year long.

  1. Prevents the signs of aging

  2. Your skin consists of a support system known as collagen. UV rays from the sun are harmful and combined with pollutants and smoke around, it damages collagen and DNA skin cells. All this ultimately contributes to wrinkles and brown spots. The UV rays and air pollution create free radicals and rogue molecules on your skin, which leads to wrinkles. Vitamin E simply neutralizes the free radicals to fight those effects.

  3. Skin hydration

  4. Vitamin E stays in the cell membranes and protects it. This forms a barrier around the cells to keep them healthy and hydrated. This indirectly keeps your skin moisturized and supple. It fights inflammation too, thanks to its antioxidants property.

  5. Reduces sun damage

  6. Vitamin E combats UV rays in the same way as Vitamin E rich foods do. They just break the free radicals into harmless ones, so the UV-induced damage is controlled and minimized. It decreases DNA damage and reduces the swelling or redness of burn.

  7. Nourishes your skin

  8. Vitamin E strengthens the nerves and nourishes your skin from the inside to make it look healthy. The best way to enjoy the benefit of Vitamin E is by bursting the E-rich capsule open and applying it on the skin to get the radiant skin you always wanted.

  9. Vitamin e capsules for dark circles

Get rid of dark circles by applying vitamin E oil from the capsules around your eyes for 2-3 days straight along with the moisturizing cream you use and massage it gently.

Be it vitamin E capsules for skin or the E-rich diet, both can help you gain similar benefits. You can use Vitamin E capsules for skin whitening, or specifically for the face. But what if your skin is sensitive and reacts to the chemicals used in the Vitamin E products? Nothing to worry, just go green.

Try out these simple home-made remedies of vitamin e oil for face:

  1. Mask

  2. You can go for Vitamin E oil, yogurt, lemon juice, and honey to prepare a face mask that tackles the wrinkle problem for you. All you have to do is squeeze the oil from 2-3 Vitamin E capsule and mix it with yogurt and few drops of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Wait for it to dry and then wash it off. Apply the mask twice in a week to see the results.

  3. Vitamin E capsules for acne scars

  4. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that help in repairing damaged skin cells and reducing the appearances of blemishes and scars.

  5. Glycerin and Vitamin E oil

  6. Get a baby soft skin with glycerin and vitamin E oil mixture. Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon each of glycerin and rose water, and Vitamin E oil extracted from Vitamin E capsule. Spread the mixture on your face and leave it for 4-5 hours or overnight. Wash your face with cold water. Repeat this exercise twice or thrice a week for best results.


    Vitamin E is a family of oil-soluble antioxidants that contain 8 different types or forms of Vitamin E. The most commonly found Vitamin E in skincare products are tocopheryl acetate and tocopherol.

    Vitamin E supplements can be taken orally or through E-rich foods. If you are taking Vitamin E supplement in the form of tablets or capsules, we suggest that you don’t take for more than a year or even a year. A long term consumption of E-rich capsules or tablets reduces blood platelets count and blood thinning.

    Consult your doctor before starting a Vitamin E supplements, especially if you are already taking blood thinners or facing bleeding disorders.

    Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that takes care of your skin, repairs DNA and cell damage, and also takes care of your acne and scars problem. Including vitamin E rich foods in your daily diet can help you and take your skin health at the top. Also, it will help you get a baby soft and glowing skin.

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