10 Interesting Benefits Of Face Serum That You Must Explore Today

Do not dismiss face serums as the latest fad. These lightweight cosmetics are actually moisturisers but they penetrate deeper into your skin to work on specific areas and target core issues. If you’ve been ambivalent about adding face serums to your beauty regimen, this article should clear all doubts.

Growing up, wasn’t the ultimate symbol of masculinity a full beard? However, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Multiple problems got in the way – itchiness, dandruff, slow growth – and before you knew it, you were shaving that beard off before it reached its glory. However, you can learn how to get full beard by following these full beard grooming tips and see that it is not to be feared, but to be enjoyed.


A full beard takes times to grow! Accept that it will take a minimum of 4-6 weeks and avoid the urge to trim the hair before the one month deadline. Let your beard grow evenly. The more you have, the more you can style. This is the first step in how to get full beard on face.


Once these 4-6 weeks are over, you can start thinking about a particular style. You can let it grow into a wild and rugged look, or shape it (for e.g. the goatee and moustache combination, or trimming it down to a soul patch.)


It’s finally time to trim your beard. If this is your first time, consider going to an experienced barber. If you’re doing it yourself, use a good trimmer to define your neckline before you shape the rest of your beard. This will ensure your beard doesn’t grow wildly out of shape.


Treat your beard with respect. Use a gentle shampoo daily (or as often as you can) to cleanse your hair and remove stray food particles. A conditioner will keep your hair thick and shiny.


Your beard gets damaged from all the exposure – sun, dust and chlorine (if you enjoy swimming). Apply a light layer of jojoba or grape seed oil to lock in moisture.


Surprised by this one? It’s actually a vital step in how to get a full beard. Since the primary element of hair is protein, stock up on food that is rich in it – nuts, fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables (like spinach). As always, avoid junk food, it makes your hair dry and brittle.


Vitamins help in stimulating hair growth. Choose supplements like Biotin (around 2.5 mg of Biotin per day). You can also try B1, B6, B12, flax seed oil and nettle oil. Consult a doctor first.


Whether it’s regular, moderate or intense, working out helps increase your testosterone levels, improves circulation and helps in growing a healthy beard. Try a mixture of cardiovascular and muscle building exercises.


A good night’s sleep, helps regenerate your cells – which is essential for hair growth. Try to get around 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


Growing a beard requires dedication and like everything else, can be discouraging. So choose the ideal bearded man. Use his beard as inspiration for when you want to give up! (Trust us, this works.)

No Shave:

The myth of shaving your hair to make it grow faster is just that – a myth. Keep that razor out of sight!


Possibly the biggest deterrent to growing a beard is that maddening itch that comes with it. Combat this by choosing a mild facial cleanser and then follow it up with a soothing moisturiser. Once your beard reaches a certain length, the itch will go away.

Now that you’ve read these tips on how to grow a full beard, you know it is a game of patience and nurture. While you might be discouraged or want to give up, don’t! Remember that the end result is well worth the wait. If you find often yourself asking - which beard style suits me, click here.

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