The Four Best Ways To Remove Unwanted Body Hair

When it comes to body hair removal, for most women with excess hair growth, the prospect is a painful, terrifying one.

When it comes to body hair removal, for most women with excess hair growth, the prospect is a painful, terrifying one. Today, however, women are lucky to be spoilt for choice in that department, with enough and more hair removal products and procedures availablein the market – from shaving creams and razors to waxing and newer technologies.

Due to the many pros and cons that come with each technique, it can often get overwhelming for a woman to decide whichtechnique is likely to suit her best. Here’s a guide listing the main methods of unwanted hair removal and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each method listed out, so that you can pick the one you feel is best for you.

4 Best Ways To Remove Unwanted Body Hair

1. Shaving

Shaving is the process of removing hair with a razor.

Pros: Shaving is the most convenientmethod of hair removal that can be performed whenever you want to get rid of unwanted hair. You can shave at any stage of your hair growth as shaving doesn’t require your hair to grow toa certain length before it is removed. It is chemical-free and hence safe on the skin with no negligible chances of irritation or burns.Since you do not damagethe hair root or cause trauma to your hair, you almost never get an ingrown hair. When you use the right pressure with the right tool, you have a gentle exfoliation of the top dead layer of the skin which makes it feel smoother and look a shade lighter.Shaving is relatively inexpensive and is painless ascompared to other methods like waxing.

Cons: Shaving may help you get rid of unwanted hair fast, but your initial hair growth may seem a little thicker. That is because shaving removes hair from the skin surface and is not pulled out from the root

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2. Waxing

Waxing is one of the oldest methods for unwanted hair removal, so suffice to say that the method is a tried and tested one. It entails putting warm wax over an area of unwanted hair and then utilising a cloth or paper strip to rip the hair out, right from the hair root.

Pros: With waxing, the hair seems to grow back at a slower rate than shaving because the hair is being removed directly from the root. It also tends to remove the top dead layer which may make the skin feel smoother and lighter.If you’re brave enough to wax at home yourself, waxing can be a reasonably-priced affair. While waxing does hurt initially, many say that the pain reduces with each session, over time.

Cons: Let’s face it – waxing is painful; and for many newbies, excruciating. You can get infections from what you use to wax at salons as many a time it isn’t hygienic enough.There can be chances of burns and people ripping off your skin. Inexperienced waxing ladies can end up pulling out a portion of your skin which may leadto bad scaring.You are also likely to succumb to the headache of ingrown hair. You will always have to wait till your hair grows back to a certain length for it to be waxed again. Waxing is also more time-consuming than shaving and can be a money-guzzler if you make regular trips to a fancy parlour or have a professional come home.

3. Hair Removal Creams

Shaving creams or depilatory creams are chemical-based creams that get rid of unwanted body hair by breaking down the hair structure. The hair remover cream is applied to the area of the unwanted hair and is left to dry for 5 to 10 minutes before being washed off.

Pros: This is undoubtedly the most painless methods. You can do it yourself, at home, thus eliminating the need for parlours or professionals. For smaller areas, using creams is the quickest and easiest methods.

Cons: It is the most cumbersome procedure. It is a very time consuming method if you would want to do it for your whole body and is also the messiest methods of all. There are high chances of skin irritation, rashes and burns. You cannot use it on delicate parts of the body or on the area of the skin which is dry or sensitive.You shouldn’t be surprised if you see hair resurfacing in a week’s time, or even less. These creams also have a certain odour that many might consider repulsive. Additionally, because these creams are chemical carriers, be cautious and don’t let them sit on your skin for too long as it could cause damage. Note: Those with sensitive skin must try a patch test first because the creams are likely to cause an itching or burning sensation.

4. Laser

This is a long term solution for hair reduction. Beware of the people who call it laser hair removal as it is never removal, you always get hair reduction and can never get your hair removed completely even after a 100 sittings. Various institutions use various lasers, some of them have a technician operating it while others have a doctor operating it. Make sure to go to an extremely reputed doctor’s clinic as this is a highly specialised medical way of hair reduction. As part of the procedure, the doctor ends up shaving the hair first followed by cooling the skin then using the laser and pull it all over again, ending the same by applying a moisturiser and the sittings are repeated once in a month. On an average 8-12 sittings should suffice for a good reduction of hair.

‘Laser’ refers to an intense pulse of light, which means that this method carries with it the risk of burns. Hence, it should be performed only by a certified professional.

Pros: You will get the longest term of hair reduction. If you have excessive thick hair which needs leads to repeated ingrowths, then laser can prove to be the best method for you depending on your choice. If you have a hormonal imbalance and have a condition called periapical hypertrichosis,then laser is recommended as the best method for you.Works best on thick dark hair under a fair skin.

Cons: Laser isn’t recommended for all skin types – if you have darker skin with dark hair, then this option might not be feasible as chances of burns are high.This is a highly technician specific method and the expert has to be really good with the machine. This is also a long-drawn-out procedure of over a year which will actually result only in reduction of hair.

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