Hair Shaving Myths Debunked

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It is an open fact that shaving is the quickest and easiest method out there for hair removal. But many of you’ll who want to try shaving decide not to because of the various myths that people usually talk about. You’ll have been conditioned to believe that shaving is harmful but we are here to bust these meaningless myths with some solid proof that will put your doubts to rest forever.

Myth 1: Shaving causes your hair to grow faster.

Research shows that shaving does not affect hair growth or texture in any way as that depends on genetic factors which are constant for an individual. So why does it seem like hair grows faster with shaving as compared to waxing? The reason is simple – when you wax, you yank the hair out of its root, whereas in shaving you just cut the hair from the surface. Now logically speaking, what would take longer – hair growing from the root or from the surface of the skin? Hence proving that shaving does not speed up the process in any way; it is just the normal growth from the surface of your skin and not the root.

Myth 2: Shaving makes your hair grow darker and thicker.

Here’s an example to explain the logic behind this myth. When you cut the tree half way, the stump feels thick and tapers eventually as it grows. The trunk, in the exact same size, starts growing taller for a while. The same goes with hair. Shaving only cuts the hair at skin level therefore it looks like the hair is thicker, but it’s not. One possible reason for getting this impression is the fact that shaving alters the tip shape of freshly cut hair, which makes it feel different. However, by the time the hair is re-grown completely, the tip tapers and gets its former soft feeling. Hair re-growth is actually determined by serious factors on the inside like your genetics and hormones.

Myth 3: Shaving makes your skin dark

Absolutely not! In that case every man would have a black lower face! If you shave with wrong gadgets you will scrape your skin more than you should which can result in a post inflammatory change making your skin dark. But when you chose your gadgets carefully and shave with the right technique then frequent shaving will never affect your skin colour.

Myth 4: Shaving makes your skin rough

When you shave, you actually cut the hair at the shoot as against removing the hair from the root. When this hair grows out you might feel slight roughness because the hair is not tapered. But in reality, shaving helps exfoliate your skin by removing the top dead layer thus leaving it feeling soft and silky.

Myth 5: Shaving causes itching and rashes

When it comes to shaving, using the right tool and technique plays a very important role. If you shave with a blunt razor or press too hard it will irritate your skin and cause itching. Another extremely important thing is to moisturize well before and after shaving. Moisturizing helps keep your skin hydrated & glowing and also prevents rashes and itching.

So now that we have cleared all the myths, we’d like to leave you with some tips to get the perfect shave:
1. First, soak hair in the shower for 2-3 minutes to soften it.
2. Then, lather up with a shaving gel like Satin Care Gel. Shave gel helps keep the water in the hair and makes sure that the razor glides easily over your skin, protecting you from potential nicks and cuts.
3. Always use a light touch, don’t press down, & shave legs from the ankles up. For your underarms, shave from all angles - up, down and sideways.
4. After shaving, it is always important to moisturize. It helps keep your skin hydrated & glowing.
5. You can use the razor all over your body without any discomfort.

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