Must Try Paraffin Wax Treatment To Pamper Your Skin A Little More

Paraffin wax isn’t a new invention. What started as a medical treatment many decades ago has made its way into salons. If you’ve not indulged in a paraffin wax beauty treatment yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Chances are that when you visited a salon for a pedicure or a manicure, the beautician asked whether you wanted a paraffin wax one. I remember the first time I faced this question. I didn’t know what to say until the girl sitting next to me recommended I try it. I did, and I’ve never gone back to a regular manicure ever since. A paraffin wax treatment has many therapeutic and beauty benefits.

Beauty Benefits Of Paraffin Wax Treatment:

  1. Pore cleansing: A hot wax treatment will open up blocked pores.
  2. Exfoliation: Paraffin wax removes the top layer of dead skin to give the cells beneath a chance to come to the surface and breathe.
  3. Skin rejuvenation: The treatment softens and hydrates skin. Wow!
  4. Repairs skin damage: Dry and cracked skin, especially callused heels and feet, benefit from this therapy.
  5. Moisturises skin: The wax creates a barrier between your skin and the big, bad world outside, trapping moisture and keeping your skin soft and radiant.
  6. Relaxes muscles: A hot wax therapy increases blood flow, helping muscles relax and reducing an overall stiffness.

Still not sure? Let me explain what a paraffin wax manicure is like. I recommend going to a salon you trust for professionalism, hygiene and the comfort factor.

How To Do Paraffin Wax Treatment:

  • The beautician will start by dipping your hands in a small tub filled with hot, melted wax. Now this might sound scary, but it’s not.
  • Since wax melts at a low temperature, you can easily stand the heat. In fact, if it’s winter, or if the air-conditioning is too strong, you will actually love the warmth as it spreads through you
  • Your hand will be dipped in several times until a few layers of wax have formed
  • Then, your hand will be covered in a plastic wrap, quite similar to cling-wrap (now you know how those vegetables feel!), and bound in a hot towel. You’ve been mummified!
  • You have several minutes to wait. You can either go in for a pedicure at the same time or just sit there staring at the wall. Magazines are a no-no because who will turn the pages for you, darling!
  • Once the wax cools, it hardens but not before having opened your pores
  • As the cold wax gets pulled away, it will take away dead cells, leaving behind soft, supple and glowing skin. I suggest you go with hairless arms to not have an unexpected waxing session too
  • You will end with a deep massage using a skin or body lotion, like Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream. Just make sure your nails are cleaned of all wax before you apply colour

The steps are the same for a paraffin wax pedicure, so I won’t bore you by repeating the process. Some salons also call it a paraffin wax bath therapy because I guess feet needs more pampering. The hot wax soothes aching muscles and relieves stiffness from being on your toes all day long.

Just a word of caution before you book an appointment. Avoid this therapy if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension, or have varicose veins. Needless to say, you should also not go if you have rashes, cuts or irritated skin; in that case you can go with normal waxing. Check out how to do waxing at home in 10 easy steps.

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