4 Different Ways To Use Olay Products For Oily Skin

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If oily skin is in any way cramping your style, you really need to read this article before things get out of hand.

It’s quite possible that it’s manageable now but give it a few years and you’ll be on a first-name basis with every dermatologist in town. Sorry, did not mean to scare you like that. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to get that bad at all! And no, don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a long lecture on how with a little effort every day, you can achieve all your beauty goals by going organic, drinking gallons of water and making your own face packs. We get that you’re busy – you have an impossible schedule that doesn’t give you the time to go DIY but you’re equally wary of cosmetic products with their harsh chemicals, promising much and delivering little. Now trust us when we say that these Olay products for oily skin are a godsend!   

So without further ado, here’s everything you need from a brand that’s probably been around long before you have: 

Olay face wash for oily skin:

  • Do not skip the face wash. The thing with oily skin is, it’s an end-to-end game. You can’t skip any steps.
  • So if you’re using the right creams but your face wash is highly moisturizing, guess what? Your Olay face wash is 100% soap free, fragrance and oil free.
  • It’s extremely gentle on the skin so as to not aggravate any acne or pimples that your oily skin might have caused, and keeps your pores unclogged and oil-free on a daily basis.
  • For best results, make sure to use at least twice a day.

Olay day cream for oily skin:

  • Right, now you’ve showered and washed your face with the right cleanser, but you’re going to need a cream to keep your face moisturized without becoming greasy - one that should last all day at work and through any exposure to the sun.
  • Your Olay cream contains SPF-15 sunscreen so you don’t have to use another sunscreen over this.
  • What’s more, it keeps your skin supple and youthful (but that goes without saying since that’s been Olay’s promise forever now).

Olay night cream for oily skin:

  • Now you’re back home, you’ve washed your face with the oil-free foaming cleanser again and it’s time to retire into bed.
  • But your skin is going to need something to hug it all night too.
  • And that’s precisely what the night cream is for. The active ingredients in this cream work all night – while you are sleeping – to absorb the excess oil and keep your skin young and taut so you wake up with a youthful, non-greasy face.

Olay fairness cream for oily skin:

  • This, of course, is optional but if fairness is one of your beauty goals or even if you just have a few dark spots or blemishes that you’d like to target and get rid of, Olay’s got that covered too.
  • This one comes loaded with Vitamins E, B3, pro B5 and SPF 24 so you can even opt for this instead of the day cream, if you like.

So there you go. An entire line of products has your back (or should we say, face so you can boldly step out in the sun!

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