Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home In Just 6 Simple Steps

Give your feet a chance to take the day off. At a spa, but at home. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can pamper your feet with amazing relaxing spa therapy, at home.

Our feet take on so much, and not just our weight. They walk; they help us stand tall; they cope with heels and stilettos; they take us places. What do you give them in return?

A few pedicures in a year? You think that’s enough? It’s any wonder your feet haven’t given up on you yet. Let’s go on a foot spa date. Not at a fancy parlour, but right at home, in the comfort and convenience of your own space. Get all the deliciousness of a foot spa, without footing that crazy bill.

You might think, ‘Hey I do a pedicure regularly, so why do I need a spa as well?’

The reason is simple. A foot spa is more, so much more, than a simple pedicure. There are many similar steps, such as nail care and exfoliating and scrubbing, but at the spa for feet, you indulge your feet longer. The experience goes beyond massages and creams and enters a realm of sensory experiences through aromas. Essential oils play a big part in a foot spa.

6 Simple Steps To Do Foot Spa At Home:

1. Soaking:

  1. Fill a shallow tub with water that’s a little hotter than lukewarm
  2. Put in a few drops of essential oils and immerse your feet in this heady aromatic soak for 10-15 minutes
  3. Choose peppermint oil if your feet tend to swell up and you’re looking to relax them. For a soothing experience, you can use lavender oil, and if your feet need a quick pick-me-up, then lemon oil is perfect
  4. Some people are allergic to essential oils. In that case, you can add a few spoons of powdered milk and a few drops of almond oil
  5. Get your hands on some Epsom salts if you want to energise your feet

 2. Nail and cuticle care:

  1. Next, remove your feet from the tub and pat them dry
  2. Clean your nails of accumulated dirt and clip away overgrown nails
  3. Gently push back cuticles

 3. Exfoliation:

  1. Slough off dry and dead skin with a pumice stone
  2. Pamper your feet even further with an exfoliating foot scrub
  3. If you don’t want to use a readymade one, you can easily prepare your own
  4. Mash up some overripe bananas or strawberries and add a few spoons of sugar or rough salts

 4. Foot mask:

Next on the spa menu is a scrumptious foot mask. Once again, you can easily make one at home.

Steps To Make Foot Mask:

  1. Mix together some coarsely-ground rolled oats, flour, a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of almond oil
  2. If you’re looking for a cooling mask, mix grated cucumber, sour cream and lemon juice
  3. Cover your entire foot and ankle with the mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes
  4. Wash it off once it dries, massaging it in a slow circular motion

 5. Visit the colour bar:

Now’s the time to pick your favourite colour and make your feet look nice and pretty.

 6. Massage:

After the nail polish dries, apply a nourishing cream such as Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream and massage it in thoroughly. You will love your feet, and they will love you back.

Indulge your feet with this detox foot spa therapy once every 7-10 days. Do it at night, so your feet can absorb the therapy overnight. And look lovely all the time.

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