9 Tips For Oil Free Skin & Face During Summers

9 Tips For Oil Free Skin & Face During Summers

Having oily skin means no premature wrinkles, but controlling the oil can be a problem. Read for quick tips to keep an your skin oil free.

The Van Dyke beard style came into existence after a style of beard kept by a Flemish painter called Anthony van Dyck. It consists of a moustache and a goatee, but the rest of the facial hair is shaved off. There are some varieties of the van dyke beard, which include curling up the moustache. That style is quite prevalent in states like Punjab and Rajasthan, where higher twirls of moustache are considered a mark of pride. You don’t need to go to a professional salon and spend hundreds of rupees to get this beard right. All you need is your Gillette MACH3 TURBO RAZOR BLADE and shaving cream. That’s it!

10 Step Guide To Get Perfect Van Dyke Beard Style At Home

Follow these steps and get your Van dyke style beard in the comfort of your home. The next time you’re getting bored with your looks, or if it is the month after No Shave November, when your facial hair is in full glory, try this out!

  1. Make sure your stubble is at least a ¼ inch long.
  2. Lather your chin with shaving cream, apply some above your lips and your sideburns as well.
  3. You need to begin by shaving both your sideburns and your cheeks. Moving down from your ears, leave around 2 inches of hair on the sides of your mouth.
  4. Shave the bottom of your chin and neck, right up to the Adam’s apple, letting the soul patch and moustache remain. Your beard should look like a French beard, which was a rage in the 90s.
  5. Wash your face to remove all the extra hair or cream. After this comes the tricky part, because it involves a little precision. You’ll get through it, don’t worry!
  6. Trim the hair under your chin, just enough to get that pointed goatee effect. If you have an electric razor, there’s nothing like it, but if you don’t, you just need to be a little careful.
  7. Next, you need to separate the bridge of hair that connects your moustache, to your beard.
  8. Trim your moustache on both ends a little, keeping the ends pointy, just like your beard.
  9. Wash your face to remove all the extra hair stuck to your skin and check if you’ve missed a patch.
  10. Your Van Dyke beard is ready. You need to maintain the look from time to time, by trimming any strays that keep appearing. Besides that, using wax on the ends of your beard and moustache will turn your everyday look in to a formal one.

Keep experimenting with this look to create your own unique ones. Go on now and get this awesome look for yourself!Also, check out essential beard grooming and maintainence tips here at our blog.

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