Getting Older: 5 ways to Embrace Your Age

Life begins at 40, we’ve all been told, and as you approach that age, you realize that it’s true. But the signs of the past 40 years are starting to show on your skin, making you feel a little less like you’re embarking on the best decades of your life. Here are 5 things you can do to change that.

To start, think of a few of signs of aging and redefine how you feel about them. Like this:

Lines on your forehead: they’re there because of all the times you’ve had to think hard, to be puzzled, amazed. They’re there because you’ve found solutions and answers.

The lines around your mouth: they’re there because your amazing life has made you laugh.

Stretch marks on your chest: they’re there because you were pregnant, you gave life to human beings, you nurtured them for the first delicate crucial months of their lives.

Now, embrace. And then follow our five tips to hold on to that embrace.

1. Exercise

You know it’s benefits, but it’s close to impossible to fit it into your busy schedule, especially now that your energy levels are not as high as when you were 20 and you are feeling tired. Be creative. Ask a friend or two to make it an event. Go for walks, jogs, or if you’re experiencing back pain, join a pool. Make it social. It’s the perfect time for a quick catch-up with people you rarely see.

2. Talk about it

Assuming that you’re all alone in this thing called aging, is not the best thing to do. As a woman in your late 30s-early 40s, you know the benefit of talking, sharing your stories, your fears. Tell your friends and loved ones how you’re feeling, exchange tips and pointers, and try to laugh as much as you can. We’re all in this together.

3. Eat well

Another no-brainer, you may say. But did you know that there are foods that have anti-aging properties. Here are a few:

  • Oatmeal: helps prevent damage to skin cells
  • Oranges: their high content of vitamin C helps make collagen to keep your skin supple.
  • Avocados: contain healthy fat that hydrate skin and help absorb nutrients.
  • Salmon: bursting with omega-3s which help retain your skin’s moisture and stop the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Grapes: helps fight the effect of UV rays, while some say they slow the aging process.

4. Use the right beauty products

Buy face creams that are age-appropriate. Try the array of Olay creams that renew your skin’s surface and replenish moisture. Don’t cover up dark circles and bags under your eyes with concealer, Try using a moisturizing eye cream like Olay Eyes which helps get rid of the circles, and silmateneously de-wrinkles and de-puffs your eyes instantlly.

5. Try to keep bad habits to a minimum

Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum, as it dehydrates and damages skin. If you smoke, maybe you can start researching ways to help you stop or cut down.

Try not to stress too much, and concentrate on feeling good, rather than obsess about looking young. You’re nearing 40, you know most of the ropes of life, you’ve got them wrapped around your fingertips. So pack your creams, learn your list of healthy foods, round up your friends and loved ones, and set off on your magnificent adventure.

Do you feel you’ve embraced your age and everything that comes with it? Tell us how, below.Also, heat boils is a common problem faced by each one of us at some point of time. So check out how to get rid of heat boils and maintain clear skin all year round here.

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