15 Essential Winter Beauty Tips To Be Your Best Beautiful This Winter

Winter is a gorgeous season to bring out bright coloured clothing, those lovely boots and all your woollen accessories. But it is also the season for frizzy hair, dry skin, and fashion faux paus. Here’s how you can tackle them all in one reading.

The drastic changes of the season can wreak havoc with the delicate balance of your skin and hair. The heat is gone but it has been replaced with the biting cold; sweaty faces are now dry and flaky, and lank hair is now frizzy and seems to have a mind of its own. Say hello to winter.

How do you handle these extremes and still come out looking fabulous and fantastic? We’ve put together some beauty tips for winter that can keep you on top of the weather, whatever it may throw at you.

15 Essential Beauty Tips For Winter

Maintain Beautiful Skin This Winter With These 4 Tips:

Tip #1 Swap your water-based moisturiser for an oil-based one as it helps lock the moisture in. Use the moisturiser several times in a day for soft skin.

Tip #2 Don’t forget the sunscreen when you’re stepping out.

Tip #3 Stay hydrated to keep the dryness at bay. Water is an excellent lubricant to keep your skin soft and supple.

Tip #4 Avoid scalding hot baths, however nice they may feel. Stick to lukewarm water to retain the moisture in your skin.

3 Useful Winter Makeup Tips:

A cold grey day doesn’t mean you can’t look bright and ready.

Tip #5 Choose colours that complement the weather. Use browns or greys to make your eyes pop in the cold season.

Tip #6 If you suffer from dry skin, apply a lotion before doing your makeup. Dab on just a little if your skin is oily.

Tip #7 Opt for a creamy liquid foundation for a smooth finish. Just make sure it matches your skin tone.

4 Amazing Hair Tips That You Must Follow This Winter:

Keep the frizz down and manage your hair easily this winter.

Tip #8 Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

Tip #9 And don’t skimp on the conditioner.

Tip #10 Prevent dandruff with a regular oil massage. Add a few drop of lemon juice to the oil and do this at least once a week.

Tip #11 Cover your hair when you go out as the cold wind damages the strands. Get regular trims to avoid split ends.

What does your winter wardrobe have?

If you’re looking for beauty tips in winter, here they are.

Tip #12 Have a separate wardrobe to stay snug and warm this winter. But start with skinny jeans. Good for the day and the night, you can layer the top with as many clothes for style and warmth.

Tip #13 Invest in a lovely cashmere sweater that complements your skirts, jeans, leather pants and formal trousers. If you want to up the chic quotient a bit more, get a coat that says oomph in every weave of the fabric.

Tip #14 For casual evenings, pick up a leather jacket that will immediately transform any winter outfit.

Tip #15 Oh, don’t forget the footwear. The keyword is boots – ankle-length or over the knees, anything works.

Winter Pro Tip: Using Olay Total Effects 7in1 range of products during winter is a good bet, as it moisturises, fights skin ageing and also provides sun protection! It is a complete package for your winter day needs.

There, we’ve got you covered now, quite literally from head to toe. With these winter beauty tips, you can say goodbye to bad days, and say hello to a cool winter you.

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