Hair Removal Basics - Hot Wax & Cold Wax

Cold wax and hot wax are both effective methods of removing hair from the roots. However, beyond that, there is nothing the two have in common. Of course, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

As the name suggests, the first and obvious difference is the temperature at which the wax is heated and applied. The application, the way the wax clings to the hair, the technique and the resultant mess (or lack of) each one makes, account for the rest.

Take a look at the procedures, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of hot and cold wax so you can make an informed decision.


Hot wax needs to be melted before it can be applied. Once applied thinly to the skin, press down a clean cloth till it sticks to the wax. Pull in the opposite direction of hair growth and voila, hair gets pulled out.

Cold wax is available as readymade waxing strips. Just take a strip, press down on the skin and rub in the direction of hair growth. Just like hot wax, quickly pull in the opposite direction for hair removal.

Skin Irritation

The heat generated by hot wax opens up pores and hair follicles, making hair removal easier and a wee bit less painful. Skin doesn’t get red or irritated either. Highly recommended for sensitive skin.

Cold wax, on the other hand, might irritate the skin. Because it doesn’t fully grip the hair, it can lead to ingrown hairs.


Hot wax clings to your skin, trapping every single hair. This method is very effective and removes all hair in one pull, short ones too.

Cold wax isn’t always fully effective and a few strands of hair could be left behind. To remove them, you have to go over the same patch again and again, causing irritation.


Hot wax has to be melted, applied to the skin thinly, covered with a cloth and then pulled. The skin then needs to be washed clean of the residual wax and the used cloth strips washed.

Cold wax comes in readymade strips for legs, arms and the face. Just press it on and pull.

There isn’t much to clean-up.

Time taken

With hot wax, you can only work on smaller portions of the skin, which can be irritatingly time consuming.

The press and pull convenience of cold waxing makes the process zip zap zoom. Cold wax strips also cover a larger area at one go.

Pain Factor

Both methods cause slight pain but with hot waxing you mostly get the best results in one go. Also, hot wax pulls away the top layer of skin cells, leaving you feeling fresh and smooth.

Cold waxing is definitely less painful. However, since all the hair are not pulled out at one go (the reason it pains less), you need to wax the same area repeatedly, causing painful red bumps, skin irritation and problem of ingrown hairs.

Whatever your choice, remember this waxing tip: Do not wax infected, irritated and sunburned skin. Also, wait at least a day after waxing to use hot tubs, perfumes, swimming pool and lotions.Waxing facial hair is an amazing hair removal technique and can be done with either hot or cold wax. It helps to reduce the frequency of the hair removal treatments!

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