Dadima Ke Gharelu Nuskhe for Hair & Skin Care Using Yogurt

Yogurt is such a staple in the Indian diet that we don’t ever think beyond its digestive benefits. This humble food works wonders for the skin inside or out. Guess dadima knew what she was talking about after all.

Full of goodies like calcium, protein, zinc and lactic acid, yogurt is the perfect food in many ways.  It is good to eat, but it can also be used to repair and rejuvenate your hair and skin.  Find out how you can use this easily available food to look and feel good. 

Yogurt for Hair Care:

Many factors contribute to hair loss, premature greying, dandruff and dry scalp.  Yogurt has all the ingredients to help your hair recover and look good. Bacteria and lactic acid help soothe irritated scalps and balance pH levels.  Protein, vitamins and naturally occurring fats help tame frizzy hair.  Vitamins naturally present in yogurt work better when mixed with henna to prevent greying.

Yogurt Hair Packs:

  1. One cup of sour yogurt is all it takes to keep dandruff away.  Apply and leave on for 45 minutes and rinse. Use once a week for great results.
  2. To tame frizzy hair, mix 3 tbsp. of yogurt, 2 tbsp. of coconut oil and 4 tsp. of aloe vera gel till smooth.  Apply and leave on for 30 minutes.  Wash with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo to get the oil out.
  3. Mix ½ a cup of yogurt, 2 whole eggs and 2 tsp. of almond oil well.  Apply to scalp and hair, cover with a shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes.  Use a mild shampoo to remove oil.  See how quickly hair goes from dull and dry to shiny and healthy.
  4. Soak a tsp. of methi seeds overnight.  Make a paste and mix with ½ cup of yogurt.  Apply to scalp 2 or more times a week.  Leave for 45 minutes and shampoo.  This will help to reduce hair fall.
  5. 2-3 teaspoons of powdered moong dal and ½ a cup of yogurt as a mask also help to reduce dandruff and hair fall.  Leave in for an hour and wash.
  6. 2 whole eggs, 1 cup yogurt and lime juice blended together make a good general hair mask.  Apply and leave in for 2-3 hours and use a mild shampoo to wash.
  7. 4 tbsp. of henna, 2 whole eggs, a few shredded hibiscus leaves and 1 cup of yogurt work wonders in getting rid of the grey.  Mix ingredients well and leave on for 2 – 3 hours and shampoo.

Yogurt for Skin care:

The AHA moment:  We have all heard of Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are good for our skin.  Yogurt is a natural source which makes it perfect for skin care.  As a topical treatment, it moisturizes, gets rid of acne, relieves sunburn, evens out skin tones and moisturises too. 

Yogurt Face Packs:

  1. To moisturise your skin, apply 2 tbsp. of yogurt on damp skin and leave on for 10 minutes.  Wash off and pat dry.  Do as often as possible for best results.
  2. Use dried and powdered orange peels, 1 tsp. honey, 2 tsp. of masoor dal and yogurt for a bright and fresh complexion.  Put all the ingredients in a blender, apply the paste and leave on for 15 minutes.  This pack is a great cleanser and helps to prevent acne breakouts.
  3. Besan (chickpea flour), yogurt and turmeric were used on babies to keep their skin soft and moist.  The same pack can be used by everyone either on the face or the whole body.  This helps with exfoliating and hydrating.  Turmeric is known for its antiseptic properties.
  4. Add a few drops of chamomile essential oil to 3 tbsp. of yogurt and apply gently over sunburned skin.  Leave it on for 10 -15 minutes and rinse.  Zinc in yogurt helps to take the sting out of sunburns and speeds up healing.
  5. Lactic acid in yogurt not only helps with acne but also acts as a mild bleaching agent.  Apply a layer of 4 tbsp. yogurt and 1 tsp. of lemon juice mixed together.  Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse.  Do this thrice a week and see age spots fade.
  6. 1 tbsp. of olive oil and 4 tbsp. of yogurt mixed together can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Do this at least 3 times a week for best results.

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