Embrace These 3 Tips To Enjoy The Rains Even With Oily Skin

In the monsoon, when humidity is at its peak, sweat mixes with oil deposits on the skin. As we all know, oil doesn’t mix well with water which is why your skin looks dull and lifeless.

The monsoons bring plenty of water and what a great relief that is, especially after a really hot summer spell. That takes care of what people who don’t have oily skin think. As for those with oily skin, the monsoon isn’t as wonderful. As we all know, oil and water don’t mix and their contrasting natures is what can make monsoon a mess for you.

But don’t fear, with these 3 skin care tips, you can ensure that your oily skin doesn’t face the brunt of the monsoons:

How To Take Care of Oily Skin During Monsoons

1)Hot water wins over oil:

As opposed to dry skin which does well with warm water, oily skin could do with a hot water rinse. Why? Hot water is effective in dissolving all the excess oil on your skin, leaving it supple and soft like when you were a baby. That’s a tip for keeps!

2) Facial scrubs score:

  • If your skin sometimes feels like an oil well (metaphorically of course), then regular facial scrubbing will dry it up considerably and effectively.
  • This happens because facial scrubs help unclog your pores and also the assist greatly for exfoliation.
  • However, it is advisable to use natural scrubs instead of those with a chemical base.
  • You never know how a particular chemical reacts to your skin. You know, one woman’s poison is another’s nectar.

3) Natural or nothing:

  • Another oily skin care tip is to make a paste using besan, milk, lemon and honey.
  • Apply that paste to your skin and rest assured, the oiliness will be history and your skin, rejuvenated.
  • Natural pastes are healthy, safe and economical; what other attributes could you possibly want?!

Ok, now you’ve learnt that there’s nothing that can’t be taken care of with a little help and knowledge. The best part is, you don’t need to let your oily skin stop you from relishing the rains!

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