Learn How To Use Camphor For Skin In 5 Ways

Known locally as ‘karpur’, camphor uses are many. Though mostly used to purify, especially during religious rituals, it serves as an effective ingredient in beauty recipes too.

Did you know that camphor oil is extracted from old Cinnamomum camphora trees? That’s right. Hence, they contain powerful and natural properties that are considered therapeutic. You can use camphor for skin to soothe irritations like itching and rashes, treat acne and skin infections, and reduce burn marks. Available as pellets and as oil, camphor is also used to relieve joint pain and to treat dandruff.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Camphor For Skin :

1. Use Camphor For Acne:

  • Similar to mint, camphor has a cooling effect.
  • This can offer relief to itchy skin or to treat insect bites. It also calms down scalded skin and reduces the pain
  • It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial; these properties make it beneficial for acne and skin infections

Alternatively you can also use mustard oil to get rid of acne. Check out 5 ways to use mustard oil for skin and face here.

2. Camphor For Treating Fungal Infections:

  • Camphor pellets can be mixed in water and applied to the areas inflicted by itching and fungal infections
  • It is usually your feet that suffer from fungal infection
  • It is important that you wipe your feet dry after washing it, and prevent moisture and sweat
  • Allowing your feet to breathe and wearing comfortable shoes and cotton socks are also helpful

3. Camphor To Fade Burn Marks:

  • To treat acne, camphor oil for skin is ideal.
  • It can be applied only on the pimples with the help of a Q-tip. This can be left on the area until it dries. You can apply a gentle moisturiser or cream like Olay Natural White 7 IN ONE Glowing Fairness Cream SPF 24 post application
  • A pinch of camphor added to water also works
  • If you have a lot of acne marks, you can make a face pack with multani mitti, a little clove powder and a pinch of camphor
  • It can be mixed into a paste with rose water
  • The pack needs to be left on the skin till it dries, and it can be washed off
  • Camphor can also be used in a toner made of rose water and mint juice
  • Another effective pack is a mix of brandy and honey to which a pinch of camphor is added

4. Use Camphor To Treat Cracked Heels:

  • You’ll have to add around three pellets of camphor to some warm water and soak your feet in it
  • A pumice stone can be used to rub the rough bits after ten minutes when the skin is softer
  • This will smoothen your heels and the balls of your feet that tend to crack and will help remove dead cells

5. Camphor To Treat Bites:

  • All you have to do is apply this mix on the affected area at least twice a day to lessen itching
  • This is believed to help with psoriasis and eczema too
  • You can also use it to massage your scalp if you are suffering from dandruff. It can be left on for a few hours and then washed off thoroughly
  • Camphor is a simple and effective home remedy and worth having around your house

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