7 Different Stubble Beard Styles To Look Stylish Always

Beards are in. Whether you’re just too lazy to shave every day or really want to be ‘in’, you need to take some effort to look and feel presentable. Here are 7 amazing beard stubble styles to copy.

There’s no denying that stubbles are attractive. Women do look at a man who is confident in his skin and facial hair. But don’t just let it grow randomly, on its own. You can style your stubble beard to get a more finished manly look. Women will give a second look to a man who has taken the trouble to make his stubble look (and feel) good.

Here are seven different stubble beard styles that you can choose from.

#1 The lazy excuse stubble

Perhaps the idea for the stubble came about on a day when you just didn’t feel like shaving. But that’s fine.

  1. Ensure the beard is not too long.
  2. Keep the edges and neckline clean and well-trimmed.

#2 Evening shadow

Akin to a lazy stubble, the 5 o’clock shadow is easier to accomplish.

  1. The hair is really short and makes it look like you just need a shave.
  2. Use the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1 Men's Body Groomer with Beard Trimmer to keep the stubble short and neat.
  3. That’s mostly all the maintenance it needs.

#3 Adam’s patch stubble

If your beard grows patchy but you wish to keep a beard, don’t lose heart. You can try the patch stubble. A word of caution: this requires regular maintenance.

  1. Allow your moustache and soul patch (the tuft of hair just below your lower lip) to grow.
  2. Your cheek beard must be short and neatly trimmed all the time to perfect the look.

#4 Tidy stubble

By definition a stubble is scruffy, but you can make it look super sexy too. Try this short stubble beard on yourself.

  1. Keep the edges short and trimmed, with no wayward hair.
  2. Grow a moustache and let it connect to the stubble.

#5 Full and tidy stubble

A full stubble is really a long stubble beard, but we’ve decided to include it in this list.

  1. This is similar to the tidy stubble mentioned just earlier, but longer.
  2. Trim your hair neatly and regularly.
  3. Use a beard cream to tame any stubborn hair.
  4. Look neat and not like a vagabond.

#6 Symmetrical stubble beards

Perhaps you have a very busy schedule or you are just really too lazy to shave regularly, then this is one of those stubble styles that you can try.

  1. The length and thickness of your beard doesn’t matter.
  2. However, make sure you keep it symmetrical to avoid looking like a well-dressed tramp.

#7 Floating moustaches

A new trend that’s hitting the streets and ramps is the floating moustache.

  1. Allow your moustache and beard hair to grow to the same length.
  2. Leave a bit of a gap between them and don’t let the two touch each other.

These seven styles are just scratching the surface. Remember to keep the edges and neckline clean and you are set. Whichever style you choose, it is going to grab attention. Are you sure you are ready for it?Also. check out 10 essential beard shaping tips and tricks to get perfect beard shape here at our blog.

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