7 Reasons Why Tomato Is Great For Your Skin & Face

7 Reasons Why Tomato Is Great For Your Skin & Face

Everyone knows the health benefits of a juicy, sweet tomato. Do you know it can also help you get gorgeous skin?

Astringents are often recommended for people with oily skin as they can dry up the excessive oil. This is both good and bad. You don't want to overuse the astringent for skin as that can cause excessive dryness and disrupt the natural pH balance of your skin, especially alcohol-based astringents. These effects can be remedied by using natural astringent for face or the more gentle astringents in the market like Olay Natural White 7 In One Glowing Fairness Cream SPF 24. This will help you enjoy the benefits of an astringent without worry about the side effects. Astringent uses go beyond soaking up the oils. They can also tighten the skin and close pores giving your skin a more supple and toned look. 

7 Natural Astringents For Oily Skin:

  1. Witch Hazel: You can use alcohol-free witch hazel to help cleanse your skin of the grime, dead cells and bacteria.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Another well-known astringent for face, apple cider vinegar maintains the pH balance of your skin, reduces inflammation and tightens the pores.
  3. Citrus Fruits: The juice from citrus fruits works as an astringent. However, it is recommended that you dilute lemon juice with another ingredient before applying it on your skin as it can be too harsh. Rose water or honey can be mixed with it before you apply it on the skin.
  4. Rose Water: Though mild, rose water gives you all the benefits of a stronger astringent while being gentle on your skin.
  5. Green Tea: Known for being an antioxidant, green tea can be applied on the skin to tighten the skin and reduce inflammation. Chamomile tea is another option.
  6. Tomato: You could rub tomato slices directly on your face or boil them in water, sieve the mix, and store only the liquid in a bottle to be used as an astringent.
  7. Strawberries: Mashed berries can be applied on your skin as an astringent mask - a luxurious treat.

You can also mix a few ingredients up to create your own brand of astringent. Try mixing alum, a pinch of camphor and rose water. You could also get a double dose of citrus by mixing lemon juice with orange peel powder. Lemon juice can also be mixed with witch hazel and distilled water.

To get the best out of these natural astringents, you can start by washing your face thoroughly with a good cleanser, and then following it up with an astringent. Cotton wool dipped in astringent can be dabbed gently all over your face and allowed to dry naturally. Depending on your skin type, you can use it anywhere between once to thrice a day. Other beauty products like a moisturizer and sunscreen must be used too.

By using astringents in the right way, you will ensure that your skin looks toned and supple. Also, check out 5 ways to use mustard oil for glowing skin here at our blog.

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