7 Natural, Homemade Face Scrub Recipes You Should Try Today!

While exfoliating your skin is an absolute must, why should you damage it in the process by using scrubs made with inorganic ingredients? Check out these homemade scrubs that will make your skin glow.

Like every living thing, your skin needs to breathe and grow. However, when it grows, it pushes dead or old skin towards the surface in order to get rid of it. This is why your face occasionally looks dull or tired. You can make your skin look radiant, younger, and healthier by removing these dry and dead cells on a regular basis. Here are some healthy homemade facial scrubs you should check out today!

Our Top 5 Homemade Facial Scrubs

1. The Honey, Oats, and Orange Scrub
This scrub not only exfoliates your skin but also lightens dark spots as both, honey and orange, have lightening properties. In order to make this scrub, mix 2 teaspoons of oats and orange peel powder with one teaspoon of honey. You can add some water for a consistency that resembles paste. Scrub this on your face and leave it for a few minutes.

2. The Coffee Scrub
What better way to wake up your skin than by giving it some coffee? Add coffee grounds to a bowl along with brown sugar, olive oil (for moisturization) and a dash of cinnamon. Mix it well. Apply this to damp skin and then rinse off.

3. The Banana Scrub
This DIY face scrub is pulpy as opposed to grainy. Mash two ripe bananas to create the pulp and add ground sugar. If your skin is dry, you can also get away with adding a spoon of honey to help with the hydration. Massage this on your face for a few minutes and rinse off.

4. The Brown Sugar, Avocado Oil, and Cucumber Scrub
This scrub is ideal if your skin is sensitive. Mix two teaspoons of sugar with one of avocado oil. Set this aside while you blend a medium sized cucumber. Mix them both together. Massage your face with this mixture for 5 minutes and rinse.

5. The Sea Salt, Olive Oil, and Pineapple Scrub
This scrub is perfect if your skin is prone to acne and gets irritated easily. All you need is some sea salt. Mix it with olive oil and add a mashed slice of pineapple. This face scrub recipe is so versatile that you can also wear it as a mask.

6. The Ground Oats, Sugar and Tomato Scrub
Ground oats are a fairly common ingredient used in a natural face scrub as it provides the gritty texture needed to force those dead cells off your face. To use this scrub, slice a few tomatoes. Add sugar to your ground oats and spread the mixture evenly on a plate. Dip the tomato slices in it and use them to scrub your face gently.

7. The Curd and Papaya Scrub
Mix mashed papaya with a few spoons of hung curd. Add a few drops of lemon and honey and mix well. Gently massage your face with this mixture for a few minutes and rinse off.Also, check out the amazing skin benefits of papaya here at Reward Me.

So, girls, if you thought that making a homemade face scrub would require more effort than its worth, think again! These recipes are simple and can be made at any time. Also, remember, always cleanse your face with Olay Moisture-balance Foaming Face Wash with Vitamin E! Cleansing before scrubbing will help improve the effectiveness of the scrub, while the moisture-balance property will help you avoid over-drying the skin!

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