6 Tips For Smoother Underarms When Waxing

Get ready for summer with super-smooth and clean underarms. If you worry about shaving nicks or side-effects of creams, perhaps you’d prefer waxing. Here are a few tips to remember while waxing your underarms.

Removing underarm hair is a personal decision. Whether you’re doing it for aesthetic reasons or for hygiene, you need to find the method that works best for you.

Shaving is a quick and easy option, but it is a very temporary solution. And you’ve barely gone a day or two before you need to stop wearing sleeveless and stick to sleeves again.

Creams are a slightly better option, but you need to worry about side-effects like rashes, bumps, and skin darkening, largely defeating the purpose of getting clean underarms.

The best bet is underarm waxing. Just as quick as shaving, has no side-effects and lasts longer, much longer, than any other method. Learn more about the pros & cons of waxing vs epilation.

Waxing also removes dead cells from your skin, making your underarms look smooth and soft. With waxing, hair also makes an appearance much later.

Underarm waxing for women isn’t often the first choice because of the associated pain. However, after the flash of sting, waxing wins on account of being the cleanest, the most effective and the least damaging. And you stay hair-free for weeks!

If you do it right, waxing can actually be a less painful experience than you imagine. Follow these 6 waxing tips to get smooth underarms faster, and easier:

1. Take into account your hair length

Wax will not cling to very short hair, leading to haphazard hair removal. Having said that, understand that pulling off long hair can hurt. Trim any underarm hair that is longer than ¼ inch before waxing.


2. Scrub before you wax     

Exfoliating cleans your underarms, and loosens hair, making it that much easier to wax. Needless to say, this also makes the process less painful.


3. Dry your underarms

Wax will not stick to sweaty underarms. Before you wax them, wash and dry the skin. You can also dust your underarms with talcum powder to dry them completely.


4. Take a painkiller

If you cannot handle the sting of a waxing, pop a painkiller about 20-30 minutes before your appointment.


5. Do it the right way

Stretch the arm being waxed fully so no hair gets lost in the skinfolds. Place the wax strip or apply the hot wax opposite to the direction of hair growth. Do small patches at a time.


6. After care

  1. Apply an ice cube or a cold bottle of water on the waxed area. This helps lessen the pain.
  2. Soothe the underarm skin with a cooling moisturiser that contains aloe.
  3. Wear loose clothes for some days to avoid chaffing and irritation.
  4. To prevent ingrown hair, exfoliate with a mild scrub 24 hours after waxing.
  5. Avoid using talcum powder, anti-perspirants, deodorants or perfumes for a few days.

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