5 Quick Sugar Scrub Recipes For Glowing Face

Getting all the benefits of a spa day without having to spend a penny sounds like a pretty sweet deal! Check out these DIY sugar scrub home recipes that you can make easily.

Using a sugar scrub on your skin is a great way to exfoliate it. When mixed with the right ingredients, the scrub can add a ton of nutrients to your skin while also removing all the dirt and impurities. Depending on the type of skin you have, you can use any of the following recipes for softer, glowing skin in no time! Let’s start the list off with:

5 Sugar Scrub Recipes for Glowing Skin

1. The Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

The olive oil and sugar scrub is ideal for you if you have dry skin. Follow these simple steps and your scrub would be ready in no time.


  • Pour a bit of olive oil in a bowl or jar and add two teaspoons of honey to it. The consistency can get quite thick.
  • Once you’ve mixed the two, add the sugar. You need to add enough sugar to make the mixture grainy as opposed to watery.
  • Use a cotton bud and exfoliate your skin.

2. The Coconut Oil and Sugar Scrub

This is another sugar scrub recipe that can be used for dry skin. Coconut oil douses your skin in all the nutrients it needs in order to stay moisturized.


  • Pour some coconut oil in a bowl and add some honey to it.
  • Add the sugar in and, as was the case with the previous recipe, ensure that the consistency is grainy and not watery.
  • Use a cotton bud to exfoliate your skin.

3. The Lemon and Sugar Scrub

If you’re looking for a DIY sugar scrub that can help you get rid of your pimples, then this one is it!


  • Just add the juice of one lemon to a bowl and add sugar to it.
  • Dip cotton in the mixture and rub it all over your face.

4. The Turmeric and Sugar Scrub

Turmeric is great for your skin. It makes it glow and also lightens it. Follow these simple steps and get a glowing skin.


  • Put some turmeric powder in a bowl and add a few drops of honey to turn the powder into a paste.
  • If you don’t want to use honey, you can use a mild moisturizer like Olay Moisturizing Lotion. Add the sugar to this mixture.
  • Exfoliate your skin with a cotton bud.

5. The Aloe Vera and Sugar Scrub

It’s no secret that aloe vera is great for your skin. However, this is a sugar scrub for face care that requires you to look for ingredients outside your kitchen.

  • The best way to use this scrub is to get aloe vera gel. These are easily available and have just the right consistency to turn into a scrub.
  • Put it in a bowl and add the sugar granules.
  • Then, scrub away!

Making a sugar scrub is incredibly easy. Sugar has just the right texture to scrub out all the dirt and impurities from your face and make it look super clean, fresh, and moisturized. Go ahead and make your own scrub today.

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