5 Reasons To Keep a Hand Cream Handy

Hands are the most used part of our body and also the most neglected. No one likes dry, chapped and damaged hands. And yet, how many of us look after them with the care they deserve?

Your hands do so much for you. These tools allow you to perform all your chores at home and at work. But unlike your face or your body, hands unknowingly get step-motherly treatment from you, allowing the environment and work to damage the skin.


What you need to invest in is a good hand cream that will soothe and nourish your hands, leaving them soft and supple. Do you know that one of the first giveaway signs of ageing is your hands? The benefit of a good hand cream is that it repairs and undoes the damage of neglect on your hands.Read any article on hand care tips and you will notice hand creams feature prominently in all.


The skin on your hands is quite different from the skin on the rest of your body. Also, you must have noticed that the skin on the back of your hands is much thinner than the skin of your palms, which is much thicker. Moreover, hands are constantly exposed to water, extreme temperatures, chemicals in the kitchen and garden, etc. Even your bath soap or gel can dry the delicate skin of your hands.


Your regular body cream will not make the cut when it comes to the deep moisturising and protection your hands need.


Check out these 5 hand cream benefits:

Benefit #1: Love your new supple and hydrated skin

The first, most obvious, benefit of using a hand cream is softer hands. The oils in the cream replenish lost moisture and also form a protective layer that prevents further damage.


Benefit #2:Heal damaged skin

Many hand creams contain natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils that heal and repair skin. The subtle fragrance that these natural ingredients leave behind can be a reason to use the cream more often.


Benefit #3:Relieve stress with a home spa

Build in the hand cream routine into your daily schedule and give yourself a mini-hand massage every day. Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes and massage in the cream until it is completely absorbed.


Benefit #4:Cream is good for your nails too

A good hand cream also benefits your cuticles. Massaging your hands with a cream daily gives you stronger, longer and healthier nails.


Benefit #5:What else does a hand cream do?

Tame frizzy or curly hair with a little hand cream. Just rub some on your palms and then smooth the palms over your hair. You can also remove static from clothes with this method.


The best hand cream is one that contains SPF and gets quickly absorbed by your skin. Olay Regenerating Lotion with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50is one cream that can be used throughout the day. If you’re looking for specific treatment you can also go for a hand cream with anti-ageing or skin-tightening properties that you can apply at night and leave on without it getting washed away or rubbed off. Wear gloves for 10-15 minutes to allow the moisture from the cream to get locked in effectively.


When buying your hand cream, look for ingredients such as vitamin E, essential oils, glycerineand Shea Butter. For anti-aging properties, your cream should have antioxidants and AHAs.


Start using hand creams today, daily. One small addition to your beauty routine will bring about a radical change in the condition of your hands.

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