4 Ways to Add The Beauty To Your Beauty Sleep

You know the need for beauty sleep and make sure you get your winks in plenty every night. Now add another layer to the beauty treatment with an overnight face mask.

We all want beautiful skin, but do we really have the time to invest and pamper ourselves? 

What if we told you, you don’t need to? Forgetspending hours every week nourishing and working on improving your skin tone; just sleep on it and wake up to gorgeous skin. 

Magic, you say? Hardly. It’s an overnight face mask. Let your skin work on repairing and rejuvenating itself while you sleep. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing, right? 

Night time,when you’re sleeping and at your most relaxed,is the best time for face masks. Not to be confused with regular face masks, an overnight face mask is the best facial mask as it performs specific tasks that bring back the beauty in your beautiful skin. 

Overnight masks give you all the benefits of face masks, but with the added advantage of doing your work while you sleep. As with most beauty products, overnight face masks are available in various formulations to suit different requirements – dry skin, delicate skin, acne-prone skin, anti-ageing, anti-inflammation, etc. The market offers you countless options. Choose the one that you believe will work best for you. But remember to do a small allergy test to check for any likely irritation. 

4 Benefits of using an Overnight Face Mask:

1. Give your skin deep hydration

Your skin is parched and dry after an entire day’s work, whether you spend your time outdoor or indoor. Quench your skin’sthirst with an overnight hydrating face mask and wake up to fresh, dewy and supple skin. The mask hydrates your skin, replenishing lost moisture and bringing back the glow to your face. 

2. Moisturise, soothe and pamper your face

You subject your skin to a lot when you are out of home. Dust, pollution, makeup, bad eating and even everyday stress pool their strength and impact your skin, leaving it dull and lifeless. An overnight face mask goes deep within and restores the protective moisture barrier. It also preps your skin for next day’s onslaught. 

3. Brighten skin and banish dullness

Daily exposure to the world outside clogs your pores and gradually builds a layer of dead cells. An overnight face mask gently exfoliates your skin while you sleep. When washed off the next morning, it leaves visibly brighter and fresher skin. 

4. Undo and repair daily skin damage

Pamper your skin with some essential vitamins. Look for an overnight face mask with healing ingredients and allow them to work their magic overnight. The vitamins will undo the damage caused by the sun and dust, leaving behind fresher, brighter and more youthful skin. You could also use a trusted product like Olay Natural White 7 IN ONE Night Nourishing Repair Creamwith a tri-Vitamin boost of B3, pro-B5 and E. 

There are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most out of your overnight face mask.

  • Always apply the mask on clean, washed skin. Clogged pores will not allow the mask to penetrate deep inside.
  • Cover your entire face and neck with the mask, using it generously. Massage it gently so it gets absorbed into your skin thoroughly.
  • Make sure you apply the mask at least half an hour before you sleep else you’ll end up smearing most of it on your pillow.

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