3 Must Try Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) Face Pack for Dry Skin

Multani mitti face pack for oily skin has won widespread acclaim for its effects, but did you know that it can be beneficial for dry skin too?

We often use multani mitti for oily skin and acne-prone skin because it absorbs excess oil. But that is not all. Multani mitti also has cooling and soothing properties that can work in favour of dry skin when it is mixed with the right ingredients that create the balance that dry skin needs. Another perk of multani mitti for dry skin is that it has a detoxifying effect and can improve blood circulation. It can be used to improve the texture of your skin and to add the glow back.

Dry skin often lacks lustre and can be itchy and flaky, and hence, may benefit from multani mitti face packs for dry skin. A homemade multani mitti face pack for dry skin can be whipped up easily as all the ingredients should be available in your kitchen. It is best if you use these face packs only once a week or once a fortnight, and not too often to avoid drying your skin further.

3 Multani Mitti Face Packs for Dry Skin

#1 Moisturizing and Lightening Pack

Multani mitti packs often leave behind skin that is clean and clear.

  1. Add a few drops of lemon juice, which lightens; curd that softens and lightens; and honey that brings in the moisture to Multani mitti. This way, the multani mitti face pack will work for dry skin.
  2. Leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes
  3. Wash off with cool water.
  4. You can make it extra luxurious by adding papaya pulp to the mix.

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#2 Softening and Hydrating Pack

  1. To two tablespoons of multani mitti, add a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of cucumber juice.
  2. Milk has lactic acid in it and can both soften and lighten skin. You can use milk powder instead of milk to get the same effects. Cucumber juice is refreshing and works as a toner and lightens the skin. You can keep a bottle of cucumber juice in the refrigerator and use it chilled in the face pack to perk up your skin.
  3. After 15-20 minutes, wash off the pack with cool water and pat dry.

#3 Scrub and Pack

  1. Multani mitti can be mixed with oatmeal powder to create a scrub and pack.
  2. You can mix the two with curd or milk, until you get the right consistency and rub the mixture on your face and neck in circular motion with your fingertips.
  3. Add some extra multani mitti and oatmeal powder to thicken the consistency and apply it as a pack.
  4. You can wash off the pack with cold water after fifteen to thirty minutes.

Apart from these skincare treatments, you can also use moisturisers like Olay Moisturising Lotion that are formulated for dry skin to keep your facial skin smooth, supple and radiant. A careful skincare regime, with lots of water that is needed to hydrate skin, will help you maintain your skin health.

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