3 Step Guide To Apply Makeup Primer Correctly

Not many women know the benefit of using a primer on a regular basis. Are you missing out on the numerous advantages of using this essential skin product?

Whether you are one of those who can’t leave home without makeup or you are good with just cream and lip balm, a face primer is an essential skin product. If you haven't woken up to the use of a makeup primer yet, it’s time you did.

A primer is a base for any product that you need to put on your face. While you might think using a cream or a foundation is enough, believe us, there are multiple reasons to using a primer for face on a regular basis.

The Advantages & Uses of Face Primer, in a Nutshell are:

#1 Smoother skin

#2 Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and pores

#3 An even skin tone

#4 Acne spots and scars are concealed

#5 Your makeup lasts longer, in any weather

#6 Can be worn as makeup on its own

And yet, many women skip this step, not because they don’t believe in the primer, but don’t know how to choose one or even apply one. Read on and we will help you learn to love using the primer for makeup.

How to Choose the Right Primer

#1 What are you going to use the primer for?
Do you want to cover wrinkles and fine lines? Or are you concerned about shiny and oily skin? Discolouration? Acne scars? Do your research, read the label and buy your primer after you know what you will use it for.

#2 Identify your skin type
Is your skin oily, dry, or normal? There are different primers for different skins; make sure you choose correctly.

Use a mattifying primer or one with salicylic acid for oily skin. For dry skin, we recommend a gel-based or illuminating primer. If you’ve got normal skin, you’re lucky. Try different combinations until you find what you like best.

#3 Check for foundation compatibility
Make sure your primer and foundation have the same base – oil or water – so they don’t repel each other. When you go to purchase a primer, apply a little on your hand. After it dries, put on a little foundation. If it spreads easily, you’ve got a good match.

Prepping Your Face

#1 Start with a clean face
Wash your face off all impurities before you apply the primer. Use a gentle cleanser like Olay Natural White 7 IN ONE Foaming Cleanser. Also, make sure your hands are clean.

#2 Moisturise
A primer isn’t a moisturiser, even if it seems to contain moisturising properties. A moisturiser keeps your skin soft and supple.

Let the moisturiser get fully absorbed in before starting with the primer.

Applying the Primer

#1 Start with a pea-sized amount
Using too much primer can make your foundation clump. A pea-sized amount should be enough to cover your face and neck.

#2 Start at the centre
Dab the primer to the centre of your face and blend it outwards in gentle circular motions. Make sure you blend it in for a smooth finish. Go up to your hairline and your neck as well. Don’t forget your ears and the area around your eyes.

You can also apply a thin layer on dry lips to keep your lipstick fresh and bold all day, and to prevent it from seeping into the fine lines near your mouth.

#3 Wait for it to dry
You can choose to skip the foundation as the primer does wonders to your pores and complexion. If you do wish to apply some, let the primer dry first. You will notice you need less foundation than earlier.

Set the foundation with a translucent powder. And you’re set to go out.

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