3 DIY Papaya Face Pack Recipes To Get Rid Of Oily Skin At Home

If you’re on this page, we probably don’t have to convince you about the benefits of papaya. Perhaps you’re one of those who absolutely hate eating it as a fruit but don’t want to miss out on its many benefits. Either way, you’ve heard right.

This power fruit packs quite a punch when it comes to fighting oily skin, acne and other oily-skin-related complaints. And as a bonus, it will even take care of uneven skin tone, general dullness, skin loosening, the tan you caught from your day at the beach, you name it. In fact, before you even read these recipes, you should know that if you’re ever hard pressed for time, just chopping up a papaya into small pieces and smearing it directly on your face, should work wonders all by itself.

But if you’ve got five minutes to make a simple papaya face pack at home, you’ll see that these work magic when followed up with Olay Total Effects 7 in One Anti-Ageing Day Cream.

3 Different Papaya Face Packs For All Skin Problems

#1 Papaya Face Pack for Oily Skin:

  • Again, papaya – all by itself – is an excellent exfoliator and can remove dead cells and absorb excess oil.
  • But if your skin is extremely oily, you might want to combine it with a tablespoon of fuller’s earth (multani mitti) – the go-to favourite for those with oily skin.
  • Add rosewater to make a paste, apply it on the face and leave it on till it dries.
  • This papaya facial for oily skin will make your face smooth, dry and spotless on regular application.

#2 Papaya and Egg White for Skin Tightening:

Skin may loosen for various reasons from excessive waxing and threading to ageing, but here’s a super-easy way to keep that in check:

  • Chop your papaya into small bits, separate the white of one egg and mix it with your papaya to create a sticky mixture.
  • Spread this on your face and allow it to dry.
  • You should feel your skin tightening in a few minutes.
  • When it’s completely dry, wash your face gently and feel your skin getting firmer by the day.
  • What’s more, egg white does not moisturize so you’re in good hands if what you’re looking for is a skin tightening pack for oily skin.

#3 Papaya Face Pack for Glowing Skin:

  • You’re going to need oranges for this one.
  • Chop up your papaya and squeeze the juice out of one orange.
  • Make a paste and apply the papaya fruit face pack.
  • Orange being a citrus fruit, acts as a natural astringent and keeps the skin dry. Plus, it’s loaded with Vitamin C and is excellent when used with papaya for spot and blemish reduction, and of course, to give you that instant glow.
  • You may also substitute orange juice for lemon juice for instant skin brightening, provided your skin isn’t too sensitive.

Face steaming is one of the solutions to get glowing skin. Check out how to do face steaming correctly here.

There are tons of ways to exploit the benefits of papaya for face but that would be beyond the scope of this article. But if oily skin is your problem, just memorize this: a papaya a day (on your plate or on your face), keeps the excess oil away! 

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