3 Ever-Green Beard & Mustache Styles For Round Faces

One of the greatest advantages of facial hair is that it can be used to accentuate your best features, or hide your weakest ones. This is especially true for men with round faces, who have fewer options when it comes to facial hairstyles. However, all is not lost! We have a list of mustache and beard styles that will transform your look!

Growing up, you might have heard yourself being described as “adorable, cherubic or cute” – thanks to your round face. However, as the years passed by, you lost your love for your round face, and when the time came to consider a beard or a mustache style (or maybe even both?) for your face, there weren’t too many options. But fear not! We’ve got the styles to suit you! So which beard and mustache style will you chose from the ones we’ve listed below?

Beard Style for round face3-beard-and-mustache-styles-for-round-faces

A beard can be tricky for a man with a round face. Choose the wrong style, and your face can look even rounder. However, when you choose the right style, there’s no stopping how good you look! For that reason, choose a well-trimmed, short box beard. Alternatively, you can choose a short but full beard or a slightly longer well faded beard to elongate the length of your face.

The rule is to keep the hard lines between your beard and goatee and your beard and your sideburns trimmed well, regardless of what beard styles for round face you choose.

Mustache Styles for round face


This is where it gets good! All types of mustaches look good on round faces – you can choose a pencil mustache, the handlebar or even sport a thick walrus mustache and it’ll look great. Remember that you need to keep the edges trimmed and sharp. No loosely trimmed or shaped mustaches for you!

Goatee Styles for round face


Many experts recommend, whatever goatee style you choose, make it more triangular in shape – this draws people’s eyes towards your chin and gives your face a more oval shape. If you trim your goatee with round edges, it will only (and sadly) make your face look rounder. Check out these 7 tips to get the perfect goatee here.

To round this off, here are some tips on how to grow beard and mustache for those of us with rounder faces.

-       Keep your facial hair trimmed - it helps make your face look slimmer. Avoid thick, bushy beards.

-       Sideburns are a big no-no - If you do have a beard and goatee, sideburns can give your face a narrower look, but keep them well trimmed!

-       Accentuate your chin – drawing the focus to your chin, with a well-trimmed beard or goatee, can make your face seem longer and more oval.

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