15 Miraculous Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair and Health

If there was ever one thing that we were to recommend in terms of its ability to heal, cure, regenerate and cleanse, it would be Tea Tree Oil. This essential oil is just brilliant when it comes to its antiseptic properties. Tea Tree Oil benefits literally everyone!

Tea Tree Oil’s uses are endless and benefits aplenty, we’ve put together a list of 15 ways you can use Tea Tree Oil for skin, hair, your health and even some more general uses like, believe it or not, cleaning! 

8 Amazing Uses of Tea Tree Oil for Skin

#1. Acne – Tea Tree Oil is a wonder cure for acne and basically has the same effect as harsh chemicals but without drying and peeling your skin. All you need to do is make your very own face wash of 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey and voila you’re good to go!
Another super useful way to use Tea Tree Oil for skin is to mix it (no more than a drop) with a tiny bit of coconut oil and apply on your face with a cotton ear bud. This draws out the dirt from your pores and will definitely destroy any pimple causing bacteria. Also, check out 7 home remedies to get rid of red spots & patches on skin that are caused due to acne marks here.

#2. Psoriasis and Eczema – Simply mix coconut oil (1 teaspoon) with Tea Tree Oil (4-5 drops) and Lavender Oil (4-5 drops) for your own home remedy for eczema or psoriasis. You can use this mix as a soap or as a body lotion and kiss those horrid dry itchy patches goodbye. 

#3. Fungus – Whether you’re dealing with a yeast infection or a nail infection Tea Tree Oil’s antiseptic properties are well worth exploring. Consult your doctor in case you need to, but you can basically add it to your bath water or pedicure water and allow it to work its magic.

#4. Cuts, burns and itchy bug bites – The healing properties of Tea Tree Oil can truly be tested the next time you get a small cut or burn or even have an itchy bite. Just mix a few drops of this miracle working oil with some water and apply it on the affected area. It also helps with itchy allergic skin and heals cuts and burns.

#5. Dry Skin – Guess what, the list just keeps going! You can reduce your dry skin by just mixing 4-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil with almond oil and applying onto your skin. Take a warm shower afterwards and then jump into bed with a good book, Ah Bliss!
To lock in the moisture, you can also apply a good night cream like Olay Total Effects 7 in One Anti-ageing Night Cream before going to sleep!

#6. Controls Body Odour – This one is a must do if you suffer from body odour. Tea Tree Oil plus coconut oil and baking soda combined in a spray can and used on your skin keeps odour causing bacteria at bay.

#7. Make Up remover – Make your own using ¼ cup canola oil with 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil and put it in a clean sterilised air tight glass jar and shake well until its completely blended. You really couldn’t ask for better stuff to take your make up off with.

#8. Athlete’s Foot – Mix witch hazel with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and apply on the affected area, you will be rid of athlete’s foot in no time!

Tea Tree Oil for Hair

#1. Fights Dandruff and Dry Scalp  – If you’re sick of shampoo just not doing the trick and want a natural remedy for dandruff and dry itchy scalp, try making your own mix by mixing several drops of Tea Tree Oil with aloe vera gel, coconut milk and lavender oil.

#2. Hair fall – The gift that keeps on giving, Tea Tree Oil stimulates hair follicles and prevents hair fall. Throw away the chemicals on your toiletries stand and replace it with Tea Tree Oil blended with any other oil and apply it on your scalp.

Tea Tree Oil for General Health

#1. Cold and Sore Throat – The healing properties just don’t stop, gargle with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and warm water (add some rock salt as well) at least once a day to kill all that bacteria in your throat. To fight a cold, you could add few drops to your steam inhalation and let the antiseptic magic do its trick.

#2. Chicken Pox – Heal those awful painful itchy scars with the most natural of natural home remedies. Blend Tea Tree Oil (a few drops) with 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil and apply on the sores a few times a day. Your little one will be happier for it!

Other Uses of Tea Tree Oil

#1. Mosquito Repellent – one of the great uses of Tea Tree Oil is its scent which drives away mosquitos. It's a natural repellent and with dengue and chikungunya epidemics on the rise, you really should put this essential oil to good use in a diffuser!

#2. Cleaning – Tea Tree Oil cleans everything, your tiles, toilets, dishes, table mats, clothes, you name it. Just mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and use it on any of your surfaces and rejoice in your chemical free existence.

#3. Mildew – Everyone has this problem in their home at some point, especially if you live in a humid hot city or town. Who would have thought that Tea Tree Oil drives away mildew as well? Just diffuse this oil in a regular diffuser and be amazed. Find more useful daily skin care tips here. 

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