10 Simple Tips for Waxing Facial Hair

Suffer from embarrassing facial hair? Don’t worry about it anymore. Facial waxing will help you face the world with confidence once again. Here are a few simple tips to make facial waxing effective.

Many women suffer from facial hair. A genetic condition, called hirsutism, it can be a cause for embarrassment. Signs of hirsutism include fine (or sometimes severe) hair on the upper lip, a few straggly hairs on the chin, sideburns and fuzz on the forehead. 

For some women bleaching is an option, but waxing for women is perhaps the best and the fastest way to enjoy a hair-free face for several weeks at a time. You can wax at home or make an appointment at the salon for a moustache wax. Either way, here are 10 tips that will make the entire process of facial hair removal for women less painful and more effective. 

1. Allow hair growth before waxing

Let your hair grow till at least ¼ of an inch before you decide to wax it. If you don’t let it grow, it will be just as painful and half as effective. Be patient. Do not shave between waxing appointments. If you do spot a stray hair, use a tweezer.

2. Cleanse your face

On the day before your waxing appointment, gently cleanse your face. This loosens up dead cells and lifts hair up from the skin. Use a mild astringent if you’re waxing at home.

3. Take pain medication

If your pain threshold is low, you could take a painkiller about half an hour before waxing. You can also use a numbing spray on the surface to be waxed.

4. Choose the right wax

The skin on your face is more delicate than the rest of your body. Test the wax on a patch of skin before you apply it to your face. Pick clinically-tested products that are recommended for sensitive skin. Ideally, go for products containing soothing ingredients like aloe.

5. Keep away from cosmetics

Stay natural on the day of your waxing. This means no make-up and no creams on your face. The products will interfere with the application of wax, or get inside hair follicles leading to infection.

6. Pull back hair

Tie or cover your hair with a scarf. You don’t want wax in your hair, not would you want it to come in the way while waxing.

7. Wash your hands

Sounds obvious, but clean hands will reduce the possibility of rash, irritation and infection.

8. Powder the area of the body while waxing

Lightly dust the area to be waxed with fine powder. Baby powder works very well. This prevents the skin from being ripped away.

9. Direction matters - Always apply wax in the direction of hair growth

When pulling, pull in the opposite direction (against hair growth). Keep your skin tight and pull quickly. Stay close to the skin and do not lift the strip upwards.

10. Don’t wax more than twice

Don’t wax over the same area more than twice. If a few strands still remain, use a tweezer to get rid of the hair.

Always Remember: Soothe your skin:

Waxing is traumatic for your skin. After waxing, apply a cold compress (a cold water bottle or ice cubes will do), an after-wax lotion or an aloe-based gel. Do not expose your skin to the sun or too much sweat for a day or two after waxing.

You must not wax while you’re on acne medication, when pregnant or 1-2 days before your periods.

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