10 Days To Look Beautiful On The Outside, From Inside

Your skin is a reflection of what you eat and how you treat it. Some simple diet habits and some beauty tricks can give you the glowing skin you desire.

We’re all born with amazingly soft and supple skin. But over timewelose that delicate texture. Stress, inadequate sleep, bad food habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices all combine to give us haggard, dull and sad-looking skin. 

Luckily, it’s not the end of the world. With a little care and a few changes you can reverse these effects and gift yourself a lovely glowing complexion, all over. 

Boost your skin with a detox cleanse. Don’t worry; it’s not a long-drawn processand you can easily follow this detox diet for skin.

All you need are 10 days of dedicated participation in this detox diet. It’s not a doctor’s diet, and nor does it include rigorous exercise to flush out toxins, although doing that helps. What thisfull-body cleansing does is removethe excessive sugars, harmful fat and over-processed foods that you might have been indulging in. This diet for healthy skin is your ticket for flawless, supple and youthful skin, again.

Ready to start your 10-day detox diet plan?

  • Day One:

Pick a fruit that you love. That will be your primary intake for the day. It could be an apple or a papaya, or something juicier like a watermelon, pineapple or grapes.

Besides fruits, you can also have vegetables and sprouts. Keep away from breads, any cooked starch or carbohydrates.

Don’t eat after 6 pm. If you do feel like having anything, sip on herbal tea. This gives your liver a chance to focus on detoxing.

  • Day Two and Three:

As soon as you wake up, drink a large cup of warm water with plenty of lemon juice squeezed in.

Before you shower, take a soft body brush and brush all over your body to encourage blood circulation and to encourage flushing out of toxins. Start with your soles and move upwards gradually.

  • Days Four to Eight:

This is the largest chunk of the detox diet. Your body continues to detox naturally, and the fruits and vegetables you consume provide all the necessary nutrients required for the body to restore a healthy balance.

Continue having the water and lemon drink in the morning, and keep up the body brushing.

Breakfast: Do not skip breakfast. Pick one fruit or a combination of two-three. Fruits are natural mild laxatives and also alkaline in nature, helping fight the built-up acidity.

Lunch: Make yourself a large delicious raw salad with sprouts, seeds and fresh vegetables.

Dinner: Dinner can be steamed or stir-fried vegetables with added herbs and soy sauce, if you like.

Lunch and dinner can be swapped, basis your convenience.

  • Days Nine and Ten:

You can now include cooked food in your diet, but have raw uncooked food as far as possible. Continue with the lemon drink and body brushing. You can make a daily habit of that by now.

Breakfast: Enjoy a nutritious muesli topped with nuts and curds

Lunch: Lunch can be a large raw salad

Dinner: You can add grilled fish or chicken (without the skin) to raw vegetables. You can also prepare a vegetable broth using beans, pulses, grains and vegetables.

Tip: Do not have juice instead of fruits as this robs your body of the much-need fibre.

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