Learn How To Do 3D Eye Makeup In Just 6 Simple Steps

There’s good make-up and bad make-up; there’s day make-up and night make-up. If it wasn’t enough to confuse us, now there’s something known as 3D make-up! What, in the name of all things exotic, is that!

There are those who believe that your make-up should look like you’ve got no make-up on. Duh! What does that even mean? You take all that effort to look effortless? Naah, not for us, gorgeous ladies.

We need oomph; we need pizzazz; and we need 3D makeup!

It’s a technique that helps dramatise your best feature so that it can ‘pop’ and draw everyone’s eye towards you.

You can transform your whole face that way (if you wish) or you can focus on one aspect of your gorgeous self. In this article I’ve chosen to talk about how you can do 3D eye makeup.

Before I outline the steps, why would you want to try this look?

For starters, like I said, your eyes will ‘pop’. As everyone knows, the eyes are the first thing we notice about a person when we talk or look at them. If your eyes are captivating, the other person is already pulled in and the conversation will be more exciting. I don’t need to tell you that this makeup is not meant for office or the corporate setting. Think night, think parties, think clubs.

Here are the steps to getting the perfect 3D eye makeup or 3D makeup eyebrows, as some others call it:

How to do 3D Eye Makeup

#1 Prepping your eyes

  • Start with a clean washed face. Use Olay Total Effects 7 In One Foaming Cleanser as it will not leave your skin feeling taut
  • Moisturise the face well, paying special attention to your eyes

#2 Hide those spots

You work hard and you party hard. Most probably that has given you dark circles around your eyes. Tackle them.

  • Use a concealer to hide those spots.
  • Then dab on a peach or pink colour to mask dark circles

#3 Define the eyes

  • Use a dark kajal stick to trace your lower eyelid
  • Now take a bold dark eye shadow and dramatise the upper eyelid crease. (it’s where eyelid and the skin below your eyebrow meet)
  • You can ‘shift’ the crease higher to open your eyes and make them look more ‘3D’
  • Make the outer edges of your eyes more intense

#4 Dramatic or soft?

You can choose to go spectacular or tone it down a bit it if it’s your first time.

  • Use a shade closer to the bold eye shadow used earlier and blend it into the portion above the line for an intense look. Contrast it below with a very light shade and really, really make the eye shadow pop
  • For a more subtle look, go a few shades lighter as you blend in the colours into the upper eyelid
  • If you want, you can break all rules and colour your eyelid in vertical stripes instead of going bottom-to-top. Make sure the darkest colour is the outermost

#5 Don’t forget the eyebrows

This 3D eyebrow makeup means you cannot afford to ignore your brow.

  • Make sure your arch is well defined
  • Allow the colour to fill in the space right up to the base of your brow

#6 The sweeping finish

  • Add more glamour with a thick mascara
  • Want to try false eyelashes too? Just go for it, ladies!

There you go, six steps to get yourself a 3D eye makeup. Go, gorgeous; go stun the world with your confidence.

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