Learn How To Make Kajal At Home With 2 Simple Beauty Recipes

The one thing that desi girls can’t live without is Kajal. Those days of constant bickering with your sibling or room-mate over a single stick of expensive kohl liner should be gone by now. It’s time to be self-sufficient.

If you ask your mother or grandmother, I’m sure they’ll tell you about their successful experiments in how to make kajal at home. Not only that, ask them about the benefits of natural kajal for eyes and they’ll swear that it wasn’t only used as a feature enhancer, but also because it was full of benefits.

We can’t say the same about the mass produced chemical liners that we use in our eyes. The anti-bacterial properties of copper in homemade kajal helps keep your eyes free from infections. The camphor acts as a stress buster and cools your eyes. Plus, the oil you use to make your kajal will definitely be of some benefit to your eyes. We have listed 2 secret recipes of kajal for eyes, go try em’ out right now. You can thank us later!

Learn How To Make Kajal At Home:

1. Aloe Vera Kajal:

The healing properties of Aloe Vera are here to rescue our eyes!Steps:

  1. You’ll need a 5×5 muslin cloth, a copper lamp, a copper plate, two bowls of equal size, 3-4 ajwain seeds, 1 tsp. sandalwood paste, and 1 tsp. castor oil
  2. Start by soaking the cloth in sandalwood paste and leave it to dry
  3. Pour some castor oil in a lamp and keep two bowls on each side
  4. In the muslin cloth, roll the ajwain seeds to make a wick, tie the ends
  5. On the plate, smear some aloe vera and keep it on the lamp, converting the bowls into stands
  6. As soon as the oil exhausts the wick will burn out, you need to scrape the ash on top of the plate by scraping
  7. Empty the soot into a fresh container and use when you need. Remember to always wash your face thoroughly with a mild facewash, preferably Olay Total Effects 7 in One Foaming Cleanser, before using your personalised brand of Kajal! 

2. Ghee Kajal:

Ghee not only helps in cooling the eyes, its nutritious properties help keep dark circles away as well. Even your eyelashes will be on fleek after using this kajal for a few months.


  1. For this method, you’ll need two equal sized bowls, a steel plate, 1 tbsp. of ghee and a clay oil lamp with a wick in it
  2. After lighting the lamp, keep it on the floor with each bowl on either side
  3. On the plate, apply some ghee and keep it on top of the bowls
  4. Let the steel plate heat for 30 minutes after which the ghee will burn out and soot will remain
  5. You need to scrape this very soot and collect in a fresh container
  6. If it’s too dry for your use, add a smidge of ghee till you achieve desired texture

Well Kajal will elevate your eyes daily, but it essential that you use a good eye serum along with a great moisturizing cream in your skin care routine, to look your best every day. Olay Total Effects 7 in One Anti-Ageing Day Cream is a gentle cream that fights 7 signs of ageing and moisturizes your skin as well as protects it from UV rays; and hence a must have in your beauty routine.

Now that you have learnt how to make kajal, applying it in correct way is equally important if you want that alluring eyes. So check out how to apply kajal like a pro in just 7 simple steps here at our blog.

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