A Must Try DIY Cream Blush Recipe For Flawless Look

Have you ever wondered how supermodels manage to look flawless with so much makeup? We’re gonna spill the secrets by letting you in our amazing cream blush recipe, which is so easy to make at home. Saving bucks and looking beautiful now goes hand in hand!

What Is A Cream Blush?

We’ve all been using the wrong kind of blush for the climatic conditions we’re living in. A cream blush helps you avoid that cakey look. It also blends seamlessly in your skin giving you a more natural, believable blush than ever before. Using a cream blush gives you that moist texture on your skin as well. You know, like the ones all beautiful women on screen have.

Why Should I Use A Homemade Cream Blush?

1. For dry skin

A natural cream blush can save your dry skin from getting even drier as it moistures it from within, in addition to giving you that pinkish glow.

2. For oily skinGone are the days when a cream blush would only be for peeps with dry skin. With new technology in makeup, there are better alternatives for treating oily skin as well.

3. A natural glow

Opting for a cream blush instead of the powdered one gives you a more natural blush. If you live in cold climate, using a cream blush gives you that moisturised tint as well.

4. Stays on longer

Make up was never so advanced as it is in today’s day and age. A cream blush lasts so much longer on your face, making you occasion ready, any moment of the day.

Learn How To Make Cream Blush At Home:


To make a cream blush, you will need
• 1 tsp. shea butter,
• ½ tsp. of emulsifying wax
• 1 tbsp. aloe vera gel.

To add colour to this base you’ll need
• 1 tsp. of cocoa powder,
• 1 tsp. of any mica powder you want
• 2 tsps. of all-natural mineral powder in any colour that you like


  1. You need to melt the shea butter with the emulsifying wax in a microwave for 10 second intervals. Make sure you don’t burn the mixture by over-heating it
  2. Slowly whisk the aloe gel in this emulsification and then leave it to cool down
  3. This is the time when you need to start adding colours to the mix
  4. Gently add in the mica powders and the cocoa powder in tiny amounts till you’ve got the tinge you’re looking for
  5. Take a small amount of this mixture and apply it to your skin to see if you’ve got the colour right
  6. Allow it to cool down completely, and transfer it into a clean plastic container for future use. Your cream blush is ready to use.

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Well, well, well. You’ve saved a ton of money AND have a natural cream blush which you made on your own. What else could a girl ask for?

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