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For the coldest months the hottest and most intense fragrances are favorites. Basically, the ones that give us the feeling that we emanate warmth and confidence.

The perfume is a vital detail, so if we leave the house without having put it on, it seems that we are missing something, soon producing an uncomfortable feeling.

What Is Most Suitable Perfume For Every Season

In designing a perfume, what matters most is the use of certain raw materials. We want lighter and fresher fragrances in the summer (floral citrus, for example), in winter we must choose fragrances made up of flowers, spices and wood that result precisely in warmer and more intense scents.

Tip: Many people are true to their scent throughout the year (which may be a fresh scent, even in winter). And more than analyzing trends or obeying rules, it is important to identify with the perfume, the satisfaction with the smell it exudes and the comfort that provides.

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How To Choose The Right Perfume

The best solution is to go to the perfume store with a friend and test several samples. Preferably, do it in the morning (at the end of the day we have less accurate sense of smell due to pollution, and the amount of different scents we experienced throughout the day), and apply some perfume to the wrists. Remember the scent of the perfume is different once applied to the skin, and it changes from person to person, since we have different odors.

Brands such as Hugo Boss, D&G, Gucci and Lacoste, for example, always have a variety of options for all tastes and skins.

Tip: Do not try more than three scents because it then becomes difficult to distinguish the different scents. Exit the shop and go for a stroll for the perfumes to activate on your skin. Another solution is to take a little cinnamon and intersperse the trying on of fragrances with cinnamon, which removes all smells.

Keep in Mind! Occasions Determine the Perfume

We should be careful with the perfume we use at the workplace. If a fragrance warmer or more intense, it is enough to apply a lesser amount, so just the subtlety of our scent is in the air. We do not want to enter a meeting room and stifle those presents. For a romantic dinner, choose fragrances based on warm fruits and woods, to feel more confident and sensual. And of course, for everyday life, the best option is our favorite perfume because it will ensure that we were really satisfied, comfortable and safe.

Perfumes also make or break your first impressions. It works as a confidence booster and is really an aspect that plays a major role while you go out for a date. Now that you know how to choose a perfume for yourself, also check out 5 beauty accessories that you must carry for a date here.

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