Top 10 Make-Up Tips for Dark Skin Tones

Top 10 Make-Up Tips for Dark Skin Tones

Dark skin tones have their own unique qualities and require specific make-up etiquette to bring the best out in them.

While women with darker skin tones may not be able to use conventional make-up protocol, they can look just as beautiful (if not more!) as women with lighter skin tones. With the right arsenal of make-up tips and tricks under their sleeves, dusky women can look exotic, classy and be the centre of attention at any social do.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 make-up tips and tricks to make a dark skin tone dazzle. 

The Tip List

  1. Balance your complexion by matching your foundation to your lightest skin area. This will help highlight your beauty without accentuating your skin tone too much.
  2. Forget tracing lips with a pencil that's the same colour shade as your gloss. Instead use a liner that's identical to your natural lip tone. With dusky skin tones, it’s all about keeping it subtle and natural; loud is never the right choice.
  3. Use either black or very dark brown eyeliner with bright eye shadows so you can play up your eyes. Eyes play a key role in highlighting the beauty of dark skin and must not be forgotten. Read how to get rid of dark circles naturally.
  4. Try using two complimentary colours for eye shadow instead of just one colour. The best shades to experiment with are taupes, bronzes and mauves.
  5. Black or dark brown mascara will make your eyelashes pop.  And for that extra dash of glam, add false eyelashes in a dark shade. Now that’s what a rock star with class would look like!
  6. Clean skin gently and avoid over cleaning to ensure your make-up looks as flawless as possible. You've got to make sure that your canvas isn't overly clean. Of course, you want your face clean, but remember, keep it all gentle so it doesn’t provoke sensitive skin to react.
  7. Dusky peach blush will work wonders to brighten up your face. This will ensure that your skin looks totally flawless and fabulous with that light summer glow to it. That's what using the right blush can do!
  8. Powder, if used excessively, makes dark skin tones seem cakey. So, make sure that you don't use too much. Just use it to subtly buff away imperfections and cover up any shine that you have.
  9. Glitter and dark skin is not the best combination so you’d do well to avoid glitter. That being said, if you're going to use products with glitter in them do make sure that they are subtle and classy because it's easy to go overboard; gaudy is never the best option for dark skin tones.
  10. When it comes to nail polish, dark colours like black or a deep green will look way better than any light pink or yellow colours would. 

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Now that you know make-up for dark skin tones requires an approach that’s different from lighter skin types, finding the right make-up line and shade along with using these other useful tips and tricks will bring forth that gorgeous tint of your dusky skin and get people to sit up and take notice.

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