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Learn A Few Tricks To Apply Makeup Easily!

After making a few adjustments in color and texture, finish with a lush rouge.

Step by Step Guide To Apply Makeup

Step 1 - Get ready:

This makeup trick is so simple, you need only know the ABC's of applying makeup to get a truly amazing result. Start with the base application. For a modern look, do not apply too much powder, and use a suitable brush so that the base is well spread out and uniform. Try to apply it more on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), the oiliest part of the face.

Step 2 - Give Your Eyes A Defined Shape:

After the base, apply ivory/cream colored eye shadow over the eyelid area. Then use a slightly darker shade to obtain a better definition for the look.

Step 3 - Curl Your Lashes:

Curl lashes and apply a liquid eye-liner liquid along the eye line. Look toward the bottom of the mirror to facilitate outlining it. Then apply mascara.

Step 4 - Lengthen your Eyebrows:

Arrange your eyebrows. Comb them in the same direction and then make them sharp with a color similar to the shade of your eyes. Lengthen them with an eyebrow pencil to create an elegant eyebrow line.


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Step 5 - Apply Lipstick:

Apply lipstick before blush. Choose rouge with a shade of orange.

Step 6 - Use Blush:

Now, the intensity of your lips is what will determine the intensity of your blush. In a spiral motion, apply a pink blush to the cheeks to achieve a fresh, bright and beautiful look.

Top Makeup Tips:

  • Save: Long-lasting lipsticks are not what they used to be. Now they are not as dry, but they last much longer than before - good news for your budget!
  • Speed: Apply a powder-based cream foundation with an oval latex sponge, if you are in a hurry. These bases are easy to use and do not give a heavy or granular look to your skin.
  • Apply lipstick when the surface of your lips so it is well secured. Then, use a long lasting lipstick to make it last longer.
  • If you have few eyelashes, or if you want to give your eyes a dramatic look, use false eyelashes.
  • Match the color of your lips with your fingernails. A touch of class and glamor.
  • Keep your fresh look throughout the day by using facial blotting tissue instead of powder. Remember that too much powder foundation can give a tired and dull look to your skin.

Tip: Your skin sometimes tend to look too dry and dull and deteriorates your makeup look. So check out these 15 essential winter face care tips to maintain gorgeous skin in winter here.

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