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The No-Make Up Make Up

Overwhelmed with all the choices out there? Or completely clueless on how to use anything other than lipstick? Get a flawless finish without the fuss

Love the natural look? These make up tips will help even novices look their best.  Make sure that you have all your products ready before you start.

The most important make up tip of all – Keep it simple.

Covering up dark circles: If you have dark circles, use a corrector and concealer to even out your skin tone.  Find the right one that blends in with your skin colour to create a uniform look with the rest of the face.

Foundation: You have a few options – liquid foundation or pressed powder. Apply it lightly all over your face and neck.  Use a tissue to wipe off your cheeks and then apply blush. It will look more natural.

Lashes: If you have thick eyelashes, use just a bit of mascara to make them look even better.  Make sure that the mascara isn’t too old or it will clump. Use eyelash curlers before applying.

Eyeliner:  This has to be the one thing that makes most people nervous.  Use a taupe eye liner and trace the lid lightly. Then apply the eyeliner for an even finish. Voilà! Pretty eyes every single time. 

Want more eye makeup? Use light eye makeup shades to look more natural. Add a little pale eye shadow under the lower lashes and the corner of the eye to make eyes look sparkly.


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Multiple use products: Did you know you can use lipstick on your cheeks too? The right colour will look really great – an opaque lipstick (preferably from the pink family) with shimmer can be mixed with a bit of moisturiser and applied to the cheeks. What a great look for the evening!

Pouty lips:  Finally, one good make up tip to get this look right!   If you can carry off a bold red lipstick, nothing like it. Use a lip liner in the same shade as the colour.  Smile while applying for easy coverage.  A lip brush will help in applying the lipstick properly. 

Eyebrows: Comb your eyebrows with a clean mascara brush to get an idea of their natural shape.  Use a waxy pencil if necessary and add a bit of shimmery highlighter along and under the bone to add brightness to your face.

When in doubt, using less always helps. Make sure to cleanse your face and apply a good moisturiser before putting on the primer.  Other useful make up tips – use tea tree oil on a pimple to clear it up fast.  Use tinted moisturisers in the summer so that you don’t have to use much foundation. 

Exfoliating: Make this a routine and doing this 2 or 3 times a week will help to remove dead skin and also with even application of makeup.  Always remember to take your make up off before going to bed.

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