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The Art of Camouflage: How to Flatter Your Figure

You may not have the makings of the next top model, but you can certainly flatter your figure by choosing the right clothes. Here are a few tips…

How To Flatter Small Busts
When it comes to enhancing the curve of your bust, your number 1 asset is your bra! Choosing a (padded) push-up or half-cup style will enhance your neckline by lifting the bust. For a particularly feminine look, play on the masculine-feminine trend by choosing a suit, combined with a men's waistcoat, leggings and a shirt with a large collar. Complete the look with those all-important high heels and some jewellery.

Our tip: use and abuse large V-necklines.

How To Flatter Large Busts
Can you really be sexy without a neckline that lifts your cleavage? Of course you can! Large-busted body shapes can still look chic and sexy without overdoing it! If you have a more voluptuous figure, why not try a square neckline or a strappy top to beautifully enhance your shoulders, or even wear a masculine shirt open. Use materials to your advantage by going for floaty fabrics in dark colours.

Our tip: avoid prints as they will add pounds to your figure.

How To Reinvent Your Waistline

If your waistline could do with a little more emphasis, now is the time to start using straight cuts and military-style jackets with shoulder pads. Not only are they über-trendy at the moment, but they'll also knock pounds off you in the blink of an eye. Use different necklines to your advantage, as well, since depth will draw attention to your upper body rather than your waist. Try wearing blouses that fit snugly over the hips, too.

Our tip: avoid sailor-stripe fabrics as these will have the effect of widening your upper body.

How To Flatter A Not-So-Flat Stomach
Concealing a little paunch is the easiest thing in the world! The fashion now is for trapeze blouses which enhance the bust without clinging to the stomach. You could also try wearing a belt, since emphasizing the waist in this way will help conceal a tummy bulge. In terms of materials, use flowing fabrics and go for blacks, khakis and navy blues as these will reduce the effect of volume.

Our tip: put those low-cut trousers back in the wardrobe.

How To Flatter A Full But Perfectly-Rounded Bottom

Dresses and skirts are perfect for you because they have the added bonus of lengthening the figure and enhancing your natural curves. If you're going for a dress, choose an empire line which will emphasize the bust and conceal a larger bottom. If a straight cut is more your thing, go for a skirt combined with a puffy-sleeved top or bib shirt. Choose elegant, dark, plain colours since these have the added bonus of slimming and evening out the figure.

Our tip:avoid short jackets.


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