5 Smart Products To Use To Waterproof Your Makeup This Rainy Season

It’s tough enough to stay dry when it’s pouring without having to worry about makeup running down your face in unsightly streaks. But while an unfortunate splash of rainwater on your face could cause your makeup to dissolve and run, there are ways to keep the worst at bay.

One smart trick is to keep your makeup as low maintenance and minimal as possible on rainy days so that you will have less to touch up should the worst happen. Think a sheer layer of tinted moisturiser, a quick pop of blush, some waterproof mascara and a statement lip colour if you want to look dressier. 

Don’t forget to stock up your beauty kit with these essential makeup items to ensure your face looks polished and professional even when the weather refuses to cooperate. 

5 Makeup Products To Use & Not Use For A Waterproof Makeup!

Waterproof vs. Non-waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner 

It goes without saying that you should use a waterproof mascara and eyeliner that won’t streak and cause the dreaded panda-eyes effect upon contact with water. In fact, with so many excellent waterproof formulations available, just toss out your non-waterproof mascaras and eyeliners and replace them with budge-proof versions for everyday use. 

Verdict: Use Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

Foundation vs. Tinted Moisturiser 

Due to the high concentration of colour pigments, foundations will streak when they get wet. To avoid patchiness in wet weather, use a tinted moisturiser instead. The sheer coverage provided by a tinted moisturiser is less likely to smudge and streak when rainwater splashes on your face.

Verdict: Tinted Moisturiser is our personal favourite this monsoon!

Cream vs. Powder Eyeshadow 

Cream eyeshadow sets and adheres to the eyelids much better compared to powder eyeshadows. This gives the cream formulation more staying power and reduces the chances of the colour running down your eyelids when humidity and moisture hit. 

Verdict: Cream Eyeshadows are brilliant to use in this humid weather.


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Matte vs. Glossy Lipstick 

Unfortunately, no lipstick is completely smudge-proof. However, matte lipsticks tend to have greater staying power compared to glossy lipsticks that are easily rubbed off. To increase your matte lipstick’s colour-fast abilities, dust a light layer of baby powder on your lips before and after applying lip colour. 

Verdict: Matte lipstick with a little baby powder patted on top is a great way to waterproof your lip makeup

Powder vs. Cream Blush 

Just like powder eyeshadow, powder blush has a tendency to run if your face gets wet from the rain. Instead, blend mousse or cream blushers carefully on the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush to get crease-proof definition that won’t budge.

Verdict: Cream blush is our winner in this category!

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