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Should My Makeup Match My Outfit?

An expert’s advice on coordinating your cosmetic palate and clothing color scheme

Wardrobe stylists say matching cosmetics to your apparel makes good sense. Others think that clothes-compatible makeup is an old-fashioned notion. Still others believe the two should be complementary. Weighing in on this topic is New York City-based celebrity makeup artist and cosmetics product designer Suresh, who offers his revealing answers:

"Makeup should bring out a woman’s natural beauty and add emphasis to her features," says Suresh, whose own radiant skin and thick eyelashes go well with anything he wears. He recommends women flatter their face. Colors should emphasize natural coloring and flatter skin tone, eye color and hair color. He does not support what’s called the “matchy matchy” look or too much coordination with outfits. Follow his insider tips and you too will become a style star.

Should a woman match her lipstick to her outfit?
Suresh says, "No!" “Lipstick should not match anything but your mood. Red seems to be the "exception" that everyone loves to point to, but I don't particularly agree. If you absolutely insist on wearing red lips with your red dress then keep in mind that there are over 500 shades of red lipstick available. Find one that looks good on you, not your dress. And no, it's not weird if the reds don't match. It's weird if they do!”

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Should women add sparkle to their eyes if they are wearing an outfit with glimmer?
Suresh loves a soft, shimmering eye for evening. Not glitter—shimmer. “If it sparkles, ditch it. The trick is to keep shimmery products to one area of the eye. For example, try a beautiful shimmery eyeliner in gold, copper or bronze. Apply a bit of loose champagne shimmer powder to the center of eyelids for a gorgeous glow. A dab along the top of your cheekbones adds an angelic highlight. Skip the shimmer during the day. It will spread to unwanted areas of the face and you'll end up looking sweaty and tired.”

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How can women avoid looking tired when wearing white or neutral tones?
For a white or neutral outfit, Suresh experiments with beautiful lip colors in various textures and finishes. “Try mauve, pink or berry lip colors in sheer and full-coverage consistencies. Modernize bright lip colors by choosing a matte finish. Keep the eyes soft and minimal. Tone down the blush. A bit of matte bronzer adds dimension to the face and is helpful to keep from looking washed out.”


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How can women add interest to a black outfit?
For a black outfit, Suresh suggests playing up the eyes. “Try black winged eyeliner, a soft daytime smoky eye in gray or charcoal or experiment with colored mascara (my favorites are emerald, cobalt and plum). Be sure to define the brows and pump up the blush a bit. Keep the look ultra-chic by opting for a neutral or nude lip in sheer consistencies. A bit of gold lip gloss is magic over nude lipsticks.”

How can women transition between day and evening makeup looks?
Daytime makeup should be light and functional says Suresh. “Stick to the basics —concealer, a touch of foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, brow and lip color. Change the look to evening in a snap by rimming eyes in black kajal (heavily pigmented) eyeliner and blending out, adding two extra coats of mascara and a bit more blush. This is quick and easy!”

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How can everyday women look like they’ve just walked off the runway?
The runway is meant to be fantasy. Not reality. “When you look at runway images,” Suresh advises, “be inspired to think outside the box. Don't take it literally. Play with the consistency of products if you really want to try a runway look. For example, if dark burgundy lips are en vogue, then try using a sheer formula and dab it onto lips with your finger. It's a more approachable way to translate the trend.”

Whether you choose to coordinate makeup to your outfit or not, it always makes sense to apply makeup based on the impression you want to make. For a night out at a club, wear bolder, darker colors, but for everyday attractiveness, stick to barely there products that even out skin tone and highlight the color of your eyes and hair. 

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