Shine bright: How to apply highlighter?

Learn How to Apply Highlighter

Check out some easy tips to make sure your skin gets a perfect glow for the season. Learn the proper way to apply highlighter and give your regular makeup a glamorous upgrade.

Highlighter is a makeup trick that can completely change your beauty look. It gives you that amazing glowing look without people noticing what's different on you! But be careful, you don't want to be shiny or glittery so follow these simples rules for the right measure!

Step 1: Choose a large angled contour brush or just use your fingers

Step 2: Select different highlighter tones according to your skin

                 a) Rose ones for pale skin


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                 b) Golden and bronzed ones for sallow and dark skin

Step 3: There are main areas you should apply highlighter such as cheekbones and temples, eyes and the cupid's bow.

  • Temples: Blend it on the highest point of your cheekbone and up towards your temple
  • Eyes: Blend it underneath the eyebrow, on the brow bone and into the inner crease. Note: the brow bone contouring will give you a brow-lift effect
  • Cupid's bow: Before applying lipstick, blend some highlighter in the cupid's bow and underneath the bottom lip -  your lipstick will get a multi-dimensional color effect.
  • You might also apply highlighter at the tip of your nose and below the cheekbone for a skinny effect!

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