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30 Min Makeover for the Perfect Party Host

Only someone who has planned a party from start to finish knows the full width and breadth of everything that goes into organising such an event.

You've decorated and cleaned the whole house. You've cooked up delicious gourmet foods and invited the most interesting people. You could've spent days preparing for this party — but when the clock is ticking, smart time-management is key to accomplishing all the work required, including looking party-ready pretty. 

Here are four keys to hosting a successful party working despite time constraints:


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  1. Prepare
    Do what can be done in advance knowing plans change.Clothes can be laid out, accessories selected and makeup can be kept ready.

  2. Prioritize
    Create a to-do list of tasks in their order of importance. Begin by completing the tasks labeled as “musts” first and don’t stress if things on the bottom of the list don’t get done.

  3. Delegate
    Trying to do all tasks at once can cause problems. Hence, don’t hesitate to delegate relevant roles and tasks to your husband, sister, parents or friends.

  4. Dress up

    i. Shower: rinse off the day’s work, dry and moisturize.

    ii. Slip on a dress. Accessorize it with a scarf, matching jewelry and shoes.

    iii. Hair and makeup: Do a casual yet attractive up-do. Keep makeup to a minimum.

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