Make Up Removal is Key

Make Up Removal is Key For Great Skin Health!

Makeup can be an essential part of a woman's image. It can accentuate features, be used to create many stylish looks and boost confidence. But sometimes we neglect a key aspect of wearing makeup—and that's removing it. After a long work day or a late night of partying, we sometimes fall into bed rather than take the time to clean our faces.

Jamilla Johnson, esthetician and owner of Skin and Body Method for over twenty years, explains why it's important to remove your makeup every evening before bedtime. “Makeup suffocates the skin, so it needs to be removed so the skin can be replenished." 

Why Is It Essential To Remove Makeup

Over time, failure to remove makeup can cause longterm damage, even early aging; makeup fills the pores and the skin absorbs it. "If you go to sleep with it on, you can wake up with irritation or a pimple. One always seems to show up on your nose!" says Johnson. It's extra important to remove the day's mascara and eyeliner before sleeping as these products can cause eye infections.

How To Remove Makeup and Maintain Good Skin Health

Miracle remover

Coconut oil is Johnson’s favourite remover. It can be readily found at grocery and health food stores. "I like using natural products as much as possible," she says. "It takes away impurities and leaves the skin hydrated and balanced." She explains that it effectively melts off the toughest mascara, foundation, sunscreen, even heavy stage and Halloween makeup. The oil also has beneficial properties. "It balances oil in the skin and suppresses sebaceous glands from being over active."

If coconut oil reacts with your skin, Johnson recommends buying remover formulated for your skin type. For those times when you're too exhausted or feeling lazy, she advises using cosmetic wipes to do the job. "Keep them near your bed.”


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After taking off your makeup, follow your normal cleansing regime. For those concerned that coconut oil will leave skin too oily, Johnson says clean it twice, then follow up with moisturizer.

Drastic measures

Let's say you didn't take your makeup off from the night before. What can you do the next morning to combat the potential damage? Johnson offers this fix-it plan:

  • Use coconut oil to remove makeup and prime the skin for exfoliation.
  • Exfoliate with a natural remedy of 1 tablespoon brown sugar and a tablespoon raw honey. Work it into the skin to cleanse the pore of any congestion and makeup.
  • If time permits, leave sugar mixture on as a mask for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off and clean face.
  • “Make exfoliating part of your weekly routine,” advises Johnson. "It makes the skin glow and plumped from the added circulation. When your skin is healthy, you will end up using less makeup.”

Don’t do this!

It's bad enough sleeping in your makeup. According to Johnson, the worse thing is "wearing it back out the next day." Young women are big offenders of this practice. "They sleep in it, touch it up the next morning and go." That can be 48 hours of wearing makeup! "It's not healthy.”

The skin is your body’s largest organ. Johnson offers these final words about the important of makeup removal, "We replenish our bodies with sleep, so we need to do the same with our skin."

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