Learn To Apply Kajal Like a Pro.

Learn To Apply Kajal Like a Pro

If you want alluring eyes like Sharmila Tagore and Helen you have to learn to apply Kajal perfectly because you don’t have a makeup artist to do it for you.

Done right, Kajal can really make your eyes stand out and accentuate their shape. However, done wrong and it could even get into your eyes and hurt quite a bit. Which is why we’re breaking down how to apply kajal just for you. 

How to Apply Kajal Perfectly

Step 1:

Apply kajal on your lower eyelid to create a very clear waterline.

Step 2:

Using a kajal pencil that is very well sharpened, begin drawing a fine line with your dominant hand from the outer edge of your eye and using the same pressure move towards the inner edge.


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Step 3:

Now apply kajal on your upper eyelid, once again from the outer edge towards inside.

How to Prevent Kajal from Smudging

  1. Prepare your skin for the application of kajal. This means that you have to ensure that it is free of sweat and oil. To do this, gently run cubes of ice around your eyes and on your eyelids and let them dry.
  2. Always use a pencil that has been sharpened to perfection.
  3. Opt for a waterproof brand of kajal because it won’t run owing to dampness or moisture.
  4. Always apply a thin line, starting from the outer edge.
  5. Always apply kajal with dark mascara. This way, even if the kajal smudges it will give your eyes a smoky allure.
  6. Keep a face toner, wet-wipes and your kajal pencil handy in case you need to redo your kajal.

Kajal and you, now BFFs for life!

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