Learn How To Do Eye Makeup.

Learn How To Do Eye Makeup In 7 Steps

Your eyes can make or break the way people perceive you. This is why, it is essential to know how to draw people in using eye makeup.

Your eyes are the window to your soul. And when your eyes look alluring there is no way you can be ignored. Simply doing eye makeup helps in making a lasting impression. 

How To Do Eye Makeup In Just 7 Steps:

Step 1: Clean Your Face

Before you learn how to do eye makeup you have to gently clean your face. If you suffer from eczema or have dry skin, then use moisturizer around your eyes; this includes underneath and the corners. Never use moisturizer on your eyelids; it will only make them greasy.

Step 2: Concealing Dark Circles

What with city life the way it is, even the healthiest people have dark circles. All you need to do is conceal them with a good quality concealer; use a concealer-specific brush and make the concealer move towards your nose and cheekbones. Apply a flesh-coloured powder over the concealer top set it.

Step 3: Eyeshadow

It’s time for eye shadow! Here’s how:

  • Apply a medium hue like light brown on your eyelid, which is the area between your lashes and crease.
  • Now, apply a light hue like light gold on the bone of your brow.
  • Finish by applying a dark colour like violet on the crease of your eye.

Step 4: Blend In Your Eyeshadow

When you apply in excess of one colour of eye shadow it is imperative that you blend them well using a blending brush.


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Step 5: Eyeliner

Now comes the eyeliner; liquid is better if you want a dark and thin line. Do this by moving over your upper lash line in short strokes akin to drawing a dotted line. Now simply fill in the blanks with more tiny strokes.

Step 6: Eyelash Curling

Now curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. Holding the clamp on the curler for 5 seconds should do the trick. Do this step with your eyes half-closed!

Step 7: Mascara

Mascara time! To get it right begin at the bottom ofyour upper lashes and move upward. You can try multiple coats too but ensure that you do so while the mascara is still wet.

5 Top Tips To Remember While You Do Your Eye Makeup:

  1. Never curl your lashes after mascara; always before.
  2. First use eye shadow and then liner and mascara. This way it’s easy to blend out the eye shadow colours evenly.
  3. Don’t use eyeliner on your waterline because it will be removed instantly.
  4. Always opt for a waterproof mascara; it prevents smudging and smearing.
  5. Never sleep with our makeup on; use a gentle yet effective makeup remover before you hit the sack.

Now that you have access to these eye makeup tips you can look lovely on any occasion.

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