How to Wear Your Makeup this Monsoon

Learn How To Waterproof Your Makeup & Your Entire Look This Monsoon With These 14 Monsoon Makeup Tips

How you do your makeup is what can make or break it in the rainy season.

A heavy coating of makeup won’t survive the monsoons. Besides going light on the makeup you might want to opt for waterproof makeup. Here are some tips for you on how to waterproof makeup routines this rainy spell.

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Top 14 Tips To Waterproof Your Makeup & Entire Look This Monsoon!

  1. Give your face a gentle yet thorough wash. That done, gently slide an ice cube all over your face for a few minutes. This will inhibit perspirationand help your monsoon makeup stay instead of smudge.
  2. If you’ve got dry or combination skin use a good toner post the icy application. If your skin is oily you’ll do better to use an astringent post the ice application on your face.
  3. During the monsoons it is a good idea to completely quit using foundation. Instead use some powderas the base to apply your makeup on.
  4. Make sure your eyeliner is thin and your mascara is waterproof. As far as eye shadow goes colours likecreamy pink, light brown, pastel and beige complement the season.
  5. The rains can’t stop you from having gorgeous looking lips! Opt for soft mattes, pink shades or soft brownsalong with gloss.
  6. When it comes to using moisturizers nothing works better than the water-based variety.These are known to effectively keep water loss from perspiration, in addition to skin oiliness and acne, at bay.
  7. Monsoon is not the season to try out very elaborate hairstyles. The hassle of keeping them in place is too much. Stick to simple hairstyles like layers and bangs.
  8. If you’re keen on using blush (although it’s best avoided in the rains), make sure you blend it really well and keep it really light. Peach, pink and brown are fabulous shades for the wet season.
  9. It is advised to maintain your eyebrows in perfect shape during the rains. This is because you may not be able to whip out your eyebrow pencil and use it during a heavy spell of rain.
  10. Wash your hair twice a week with a mild yet cleansing shampoo.
  11. Out go the denims and in come the capris and light cottons.
  12. Invest in a good waterproof jacket to protect your hair and face during a downpour.
  13. If you’re a fan of muddy clothes then opt for light colours. Else they are best avoided.
  14. Leather is a serious faux pas in the monsoons. Stick to sandals and sneakers only.

After stepping in from a downpour, make sure you moisturize your face, before hitting the sack, with a nourishing cream like Olay Total Effects Night Cream.

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