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How to Wear Winter White This Season

Use our beauty tips for the perfect pairing to a winter white outfit.

Just because winter white is one of the most popular colour trends this season doesn’t mean you should bring your favourite white dresses out of the closet. The trick to wearing white in colder weather is focusing on the fabric — and your makeup!

Winter Style: Fabric Choices
There are many fabrics to choose from: You can do a cosy white knit dress with black boots or try a sequined white sweater to turn your everyday look into a snowy style. White faux leather is also a very popular trend. For a modern look, layer a white faux- leather tank under a blazer.

Unless you take a car service to work everyday, you might want to stay clear of the white overcoat trend. Lighter coats tend to get dirty in day-to-day life. Instead, update your old outerwear with a white scarf! Check out how to wear your winter fashion essentials - jackets, stoles, scarves and mufflers with panache here. 

Winter Whites: Get the Makeup Look

Classic Red
The easiest way to winterize your whites is with a bold lip. Red is classic. Keep the rest of your makeup fairly neutral. For day, add a thin swipe of black eyeliner and mascara. To dress it up for night, turn the liner into a more dramatic cat eye.


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Burgundy Lip
If you’re more daring, you can also try a deeper burgundy lip. Since this darker shade may wash the rest of your skin out, don’t skimp on the blush. You want your cheeks to look flushed, as if you just came inside from the cold.

Deep Red or Navy Manicure
Another way to make white more winter friendly is with your nails. Match your nails to your lips with holiday red, or try this season’s popular navy shade for a more modern spin.

Sparkle and Shine
Lastly, don’t forget to sparkle. Adding a heavy hand of crystals, gold and silver accents will help transform your whites into a chic winter wonderland outfit.

How will you wear winter whites this year?

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