How to Highlight Your Best Facial Features

How to Highlight Your Best Facial Features

A little makeup can go a long way to help you enhance your most eye-catching attribute.

All Eyes on You

Most people notice your eyes before any other feature. Ensure yours make the right first impression with these eye-popping pointers.

  • Get lash-tastic: The trick to look-at-me lashes is threefold:
    1. First, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara
    2. Second, lengthen those lashes with a coat of COVERGIRL® LashBlast Length Mascara
    3. Third, repeat step 2—but do it fast! If you wait for your first coat to dry, the second coat will create a clumpy look.
  • Line up: Eyeliner is an easy way to add some attention to your best feature. If you really want to attract attention, apply liner at the corner of your eyes and move upward to create a cat-like look.
  • Experiment with eye shadow: Play around with different eye-shadow shades and techniques until you find your favorite. Eye-shadow kits make it super easy to experiment and highlight your best feature. Plus, they take the guesswork out of finding complementary colors.
  • Lift Some Eyebrows: Your eyebrows don’t just sit above your eyes — they frame your eyes. So make sure you’re showcasing those peepers in the best possible light. But how do you get the right shape: tweeze or wax?

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    • When to wax: Struggling to find your best shape? Consult a salon makeup artist who can create a baseline brow shape for you.
    • Tweeze on: To maintain that line between salon visits, follow these tips from makeup artist Burke Daniel:
      1. Place one end of an eye pencil vertically along the bridge of your nose to find your starting point.
      2. Your starting point will be where the pencil ends along the brow.
      3. Place the highest point of the arch just outside the pupil to give eyes a nice lift.

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