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Learn How To Hide Dark Circles Perfectly With These 5 Magical Tricks

A step-by-step guide to teach you how to get rid of the unflattering dark circles under your eyes.

Tip: Dark circles don’t happen at the outer edge of your eyes, so don’t apply concealer there; it will just settle into smile lines.

What Are The Causes Of Dark Circles?

1. Genetics:

Genetics has the vital role to play in passing down dark circles in coming generations.

2. Aging:

Dark circles become more noticeable and prominent with age. This is because as we start growing older, the skin around the eyes starts thinning due to loss of collagen.

3. Fatigue & Lack Of Sound Sleep:

Lack of good sleep often results in dark circles under the eyes. This is because it makes your skin look pale because of which the dark circles look prominent. So make sure you get atleast 8 hours of sleep every day.

4. Lack Of Essential Vitamins:

Unhealthy eating habits & poor nutrition is also one of the causes of dark circles. Make sure your diet contains all the essential nutrients that are required for good skin health.

5. Hormonal Changes:

The three important phases i.e. pregnancy, post pregnancy and menstruation causes a lot of hormonal changes within the body. All these changes clubbed with lifestyle changes can cause stress & results in dark circles under the eyes.

How to Hide Dark Circles With Makeup

Step 1: Apply Eye Care Product


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Apply an eye-care product specifically for puffiness or dark circles, with ingredients such as kojic acid, liquorice, retinol, vitamin C and vitamin K. (these help to increase skin’s thickness, drain the fine capillary network around eyes and even out pigmentation.) Leave for a minute.

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Step 2: Apply Foundation

Although foundation offers less coverage than the average concealer, it might be all you need if your dark circles are moderate, so apply foundation before you conceal. if you need more coverage, pat rather than wipe it on.

Step 3: Apply Concealer

Concealer should be only a shade or two lighter than foundation and should have a warm (yellow, peach, apricot) rather than cool undertone. With a flat brush, apply under inner corners of eyes and along sides of the nose. to blend, pat and press with fingertip.

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Step 3                                                          Step 4

Step 4: Apply Light Powder

Powder lightly under eyes immediately after application so it doesn’t settle into lines. avoid blue, green or purple eye make-up – rather choose warm naturals, golds and peaches. Curl lashes and apply ample mascara, only on the top lid. draw attention to lips with bright lippy and a smile! Also, you could apply eyeliner to make your eyes pop. 

After: Now you have bright eyes without any dark circles!

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