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Makeup Palette Selection Tips For Every Skin Colour

The right choice of colour immediately brightens up your skin tone, bringing all round compliments. Find your perfect palette of eye, cheek and lip colours and always look your best!

Women who have ‘beige’ or ‘olive’ complexions are typically neutrals and can wear a wide range of colours.

The Cool Neutral Palette @ Reward Me

The cool neutral palette
This colour palette includes soft shades of white, silver, platinum and ivory. Candy pinks offset these beautifully and are perfect for lips and cheeks. Other good shades for pale skins are peppermint greens, powder blues and soft violets.

Dark & Warm

If your skin has a natural richness and sports a golden (rather than a burnt pink) hue after time in the sun, your skin tone is warm. Hair that’s strawberry blonde, warm brown or black laced with copper or gold will confirm this.

Dark Warm Palette @ Reward Me

The dark warm palette
This warm colour palette is filled with caramel, gold, honey and deep coffee tones, warm pinks and corals, and brick reds for lips and cheeks. Warm skin tones can get away with more drama than their cooler counterparts, so go for dramatic eyes in deep charcoals, chocolates and black. Warm nude lipstick shades also work well as a counterbalance to heavier eye make-up.

Pale & Cool

If your skin is pale, with blue-ish undertones and a rosy flush on the cheeks, your skin tone is cool. If you’re unsure whether you have a cool skin tone, look at the veins on the inside of your wrists. If they are blue rather than green, you’re a cool.

The Pale Cool Palette @ Reward Me

The pale cool palette
The cool colour palette includes soft shades of mauve, lavender, amethyst and deep berry blues. Cool reds, sea greens, soft powdery pinks and subtle rose shades work well too. If you’re naturally pale, be sure to work in sheer layers. The paler the skin, the sheerer the application should be. Keep deeper shades for the lips, unless your skin tone is dark. Shades to avoid are hot.


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Dark & Cool

More often than not, black skins have a blue undertone, and fall into the cool category. Typical of someone with a dark, cool skin tone. They can get away with relatively little make-up – a little gloss and shimmer is enough to show off your features – but then, why give up on drama when your complexion can carry it off so well?

The Dark Cool Palette @ Reward Me

The dark cool palette This palette is filled with deep plums, aubergines, blue berry shades, purples and navy. On the lips, deep berry and cool reds look sensational. Black skins should avoid wearing colours that are too pale as they can quickly look garish – as a rule, they need deep shades for the colours to ‘read’. Shimmery shades add vibrancy, but use them sparingly.

Blonde & Warm

Just because you’re a blonde, doesn’t mean you’re a cool – many blondes have a warm, beige complexion. If you’re unsure, have a look at the veins in your wrist. If they’re more green than blue, you’re most likely a warm. You’ll find that your skin comes to life with corals and pinks for a true peaches-and-cream effect.

The Pale Warm Palette @ Reward Me

The pale warm palette
Unlike the dark warm palette, which does well with chocolate browns, the pale palette veers toward more golden apricot tones. Yellow, peach and green shades with touches of gold are the soft colours that work best. On the lips, coral, peach, nutmeg and salmon-pink shades are big hits.

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