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How to Fake Perfect Skin With The Help of Makeup

Does your skin look drab and dull? Turn it around with this step-by-step facial.

How To Get The Perfect Skin With Makeup
Step 1 - Apply A Base:

Apply a suitable day cream. If skin colour is uneven, use a tinted day cream. After 2 minutes, apply texture refiner on crow’s feet, along t-panel and around mouth.

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Step 1 Step 2

Step 2 - Apply A Suitable Foundation:

Foundation should suit your skin type, be sheer for radiance, balancing for problem skin or light-reflecting to soften lines. The colour must match your skin tone perfectly.

Step 3 - Apply Concealer:

Apply concealer at inner corners of eyes (not outer corners), along corners of the nose and the sides of your mouth. It hides red spots as well as uneven pigmentation.

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Step 3 Step 4

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Step 4 - Apply Loose Powder:

Once skin looks even, use a puff to gently press ultra-fine, loose powder onto your skin to make it look flawless. Don’t over-powder; skin should look luminous, not flat.

Step 5 - Apply Matt Bronzer:

Use a matte bronzer all year round to add warmth to your cheeks as well as to your forehead. Then apply blusher to add a fresh and pretty pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 5 @ Reward Me
Step 5


Less is more when it comes to foundation and concealer. Heavy make-up accentuates lines and looks unnatural, not to mention the time it takes to touch up during the day. Also, in winter specially the skin becomes dry and the heavy makeup does not go well. So instead of getting temporary glow with makeup, check out these 15 essential face care tips for winter here.

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